Vimeo is here, whether it’s Covid-19 or not

Positive coronavirus vaccine data has had a whiplash effect on investors who until recently were hiding in pandemic beneficiaries. However, the recovery timeline is still uncertain, so the best attack may still be a good defense.

One of the places to watch is e-commerce and its surroundings. The sector could continue to move at a tremendous pace after the holiday shopping season. Shopify, for example, has grown over 150% this year. On the day Pfizer reported its effectiveness results, its share fell by more than 13%, but it grew in earnest in the long winters ahead of investors’ Covid-19 vaccine and whether online shopping was pandemic or not. continue.

However, Shopify is certainly loved at this point, with a market capitalization of over $ 126 billion today, creating a lesser-known opportunity for meticulous investors. One such play is IAC / InterActive Corp. Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing platform used by more and more Shopify customers to easily and effectively tell stories and increase online conversions.

According to IAC, Vimeo raised $ 150 million in oversubscribed stock offerings from outside investors in early November, valuing software companies as a service at $ 2.75 billion. This represents great potential for companies currently operating with an annual revenue execution rate of $ 300 million, as the third quarter results show.

For investors looking to turn a movie into money, the opportunity may quickly knock. Earlier this month, IAC said it was considering a complete spin-off of Vimeo. This makes it the 11th public company coming from the IAC’s golden breeding grounds. Vimeo’s business, nurtured by the very hands that helped transform public companies such as Expedia Group and Match Group into giants on their own, was already accelerating before the pandemic. According to IAC, its organic booking growth consistently accelerated from 11% in the first quarter of last year to 27% by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Vimeo is here, whether it’s Covid-19 or not

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