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Veterans accused of threatening to detain Zeldin

Rochester, NY — A detention hearing was held Thursday morning for Army veterans. Condemned for threatening Congressman Lee Zeldin Last week’s campaign was suspended.

During the hearing, the judge ruled that David Jakubonis would need to hear more about his alleged weapons, mental health, and inpatient treatment for alcoholism and would be detained until August 24. ..

The Fairport man was caught in a video approaching Zeldin with a self-defense keychain while talking to Perinton supporters as part of a Republican candidate campaign against the Governor of New York.

The video shows members of a crowd crushing Jakubonis. No one was injured, officials said.

Police now say Jakubonis has been accused of assaulting a member of the House of Representatives with a dangerous weapon that is a federal crime. A previous accusation released Jakubonis for a short period of time.

Zeldin challenged New York’s criminal justice reform in the governor’s campaign, including one that would allow the release of suspected violent crimes.

Veterans accused of threatening to detain Zeldin

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