Veteran Tetsujin acts as a lesson for young Eagles

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The NFL saying is that getting to this level is one thing, very difficult and understood, but sticking to it is a completely different thing. And when they finish the game at their discretion, the game on Monday with Seattle marks an important milestone for the Eagles pair, who will fall as the best pair in franchise history.

For Jason Kerke of the center, the start on Monday night marks the start of his 100th consecutive regular season. This is the longest active streak in the NFL Center. We finally saw Kerke break through Sunday’s defeat in Cleveland, shooting his left elbow and bracing his elbow to play in the second half. Kerke has been voted three times in the Pro Bowl and three times in the All-Pro, establishing his position among the best players in NFL history. Its toughness and durability are also commendable.

“This is a physical game and we need to prepare for it,” Kerke told me earlier this year. “I love games. I love competition. Prepare in the right way. To be honest, you must be a little lucky too. I’m lucky to be in the game. As I have, and I enjoy every bit of it, and I appreciate it too. “

Kerke, who was named the team’s Edblock Courage Award winner in 2013 after missing 14 games due to a knee injury in 2012, also considers that he started the last 38 games of his career at the University of Cincinnati. And you understand what Iron Man is, he really is.

The same is true for defensive end Brandon Graham. Brandon Graham is two games away from making a former defensive end Trent Cole (155 games, 2005-14) in most of the games played by Defensive Lineman in Eagles history. Only three Eagles defenders, Safety Brian Dawkins (183), Linebacker Chuck Bednarick (169) and Safety Randy Logan (159), played more games.

Let’s make it a lesson for all young Eagles players. It’s great that you were here and made the NFL. Have you been playing at a high level for years? That is the true proof of greatness.

1. Tuesday’s ex-Eagles Cornerback Eric Allen He was selected for the first time as a semi-finalist in the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame class. He is a member of the Eagles Hall of Fame and has been voted by fans as a member of the franchise’s 75th Anniversary team. Allen, a six-time Pro Bowl player in his career, played for seven seasons in Philadelphia, voted for five Pro Bowls, and was named All-Pro three times. He has tied to franchise records with 34 career pass cuts.

“I played the game the way players are now asked to play,” he said, when we spoke in October when Allen was named Microsoft Team Eagles Legend of the Week. .. “Get started with football. Get tactical. I think my game has been translated well so far. Still, we all had a chance. Under (former head coach) Buddy Ryan. I was lucky to be in. I was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I had a chance to play soccer because I had Reggie (White) and Clyde (Simmons) and all of them. I thrived in that environment. I loved Philadelphia. I think about everything, then the day of my play there. And it’s thanks to the fans. They always keep in touch with me and remind me of those great times. “

2. Doug Pederson about what happened in the Eagles attack: “Well, in the last few weeks there has been a turnover in the red zone and there was a penalty to keep us away from the red zone. There weren’t many drives that took us to the red zone. Third down. Past 21 to 2 in 2 games. If you’re not on the field, you don’t have a chance. Of course, if you’re flipping the ball, you can’t give yourself a chance. In the two areas that have been addressed so far. Yes, it will be addressed in the future and needs to be fixed. “

3. Second quarterback Jalen Hurts will play Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson this week When the defense is preparing for a match against the Seahawks on Monday night. He is familiar with Wilson as well as coordinator Jim Schwartz. Wilson is 5-0 with eight touchdown passes and one intercept (including playoffs) in his career, always damaging his feet.

“Many of these escapes will be grounded by him,” Schwartz said on Tuesday. “Last year’s playoff game had one play in zone coverage, and I thought linebackers were trying to get deeper under these deep play action routes. Russell Wilson saw it and scrambled. I don’t remember some people. The yards seemed to be around 50 yards, but probably around 25 or 30. I need to keep track of him. Not just the pass rush. Not just him, but the defense. And all layers of vision. While competing for the yard, he can keep things alive and play as he told (DK) Met Calf and others before. When he is scrambled. I’m good at finding open people. I’ll add another layer. Jalen will surely take a closer look at it. It’s in his skill set. “

In a span of 4.5 weeks, wide receiver Travis Full Gum caught 29 passes with 435 yards and four touchdowns. He was the team’s dependable receiver and one of the most productive players in the NFL as a whole. In the last two weeks he has caught two passes at 16 yards. Where did his work go? What happened to Full Gum in this crime? Pederson explains.

“Because he was our top receiver, the team took the best corner and matched him there or did some things with different coverage, so when he was so defensively challenged At any given time, he must understand that it should be taken, in honor of standing up on the spot. ” “And we need to help him, I need to help him, maybe to take him into space with a little play call and play design and release some things. He still Most of our work, Carson (Wentz) still has a lot of trust and trust in him and he will continue to improve. “

Veteran Tetsujin acts as a lesson for young Eagles

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