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Vaccinated more than 8,000 monkeypox vaccines in New York

Manhattan (WABC)-U.S. health authorities are working to provide higher doses and expand testing to anticipate outbreaks, and 8,195 doses of monkeypox vaccine will soon be available in New York. Become.

“We will continue to take positive action against this virus,” said Dr. Ashish Jar, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, who also plays a role in how the government deals with monkeypox.

Authorities have recently expanded the group of people recommended to be vaccinated against the monkeypox virus and expanded the pool of people to include those who may be aware that they may have been infected.

This includes men who have recently had sex with men at parties and other rallies in cities where cases of monkeypox have been identified.

“Today I talked to Dr. Ashish Jar and Dr. Raj Panjabi of the White House to discuss our common concerns about how to meet the needs of New Yorker monkeypox vaccination,” Kathy Hokul said. The governor said on Thursday. “The New York and Biden administrations will continue to work with vaccine distribution programs to ensure that New Yorkers receive sufficient vaccine supply to protect New Yorkers, especially New Yorkers in high-incidence areas.”

Last week, people waited for hours in a long line outside the Chelsea Sexual Health Clinic for a temporary vaccine clinic.

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As of Wednesday, at least 62 people in New York City have tested positive for the orthopoxvirus, which is presumed to be a case of monkeypox.

“We are aware of the fears and anxieties caused by this outbreak, especially for LGBTQ + New Yorkers, so my team and I will work 24 hours a day to ensure as many vaccines as possible for the population. “Hochul said. “Following my administration’s ongoing conversation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Monkeypox Response Team, New York has secured a significant number of vaccines to continue its efforts to meet and meet our needs. We are pleased to be able to share what we were able to do with the most endangered people, especially men who have sex with men. We will continue to work with Dr. Jha and the federal government to secure the future. The allocation reflects the needs of New Yorkers. “

Authorities say most of them have mild illness, have not been hospitalized, and have recovered spontaneously.

However, even with mild illness, the monkeypox rash and pain can be itchy and painful.

Current cases are predominantly spread to gay, bisexual, and social networks of other men who have sex with men, but the community is now present because anyone can obtain and spread monkey pox. High risk of exposure.

Contact your healthcare provider if you have a new or unexpected rash or other symptoms of monkeypox.

The city is demanding additional supply from the CDC to meet high demand.

Ministry of Health Posted guidelines for people considering vaccinations and potential risks..

To make a reservation when it becomes available, please visit the following website: page..

Monkeypox is more difficult to contract than COVID because it requires close contact or fluid sharing.

Rare viral symptoms include fever, rash, muscle aches, and chills.

The World Health Organization is assessing whether the current outbreak of monkeypox in some countries indicates a public health emergency of international concern.

Around the world, monkeypox is fatal between 3% and 6% of cases, but mortality is less than 1% in areas with quality medical care.

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Vaccinated more than 8,000 monkeypox vaccines in New York

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