US Supreme Court sought to revoke Biden’s victory in Arizona

Phoenix (AP)-Conservative lawyer Sydney Powell has called on the US Supreme Court to revoke the authorization of Joe Biden’s victory over Democratic President Donald Trump against Republican President Donald Trump in Arizona.

Powell, who submitted a request to the court on Friday night, also urges judges to ban Biden’s electors from voting for the Electoral College on Monday.

Her appeal is a second motion for retrial filed with the National Supreme Court in the challenge of Biden’s victory in the state. Republican President Kelly Ward of Arizona on Friday asked the Supreme Court to consider her proceedings attempting to overturn the results of the Arizona elections.

Powell is appealing the dismissal of her proceedings alleging that the Arizona voting system switched votes from Trump to Biden. A judge in the lower court dismissed the objection on Wednesday, ruling that no evidence of fraud was presented and that the proceedings lacked legal status.

Arizona proved the election results on November 30, showing that Biden won the state with more than 10,000 votes.

Arizona’s electoral system has security flaws that allow electoral workers and foreign countries to manipulate the results, and a lawsuit alleging that those systems switched votes from Trump to Biden.

Opponent lawyers said the proceedings were barbaric against one of Maricopa County’s voting equipment vendors, using conspiracy theory without providing evidence to support the widespread allegations of Arizona’s fraudulent elections. He said he made a claim.

No evidence of fraudulent voting or elections has emerged during this election season in Arizona.

Similar election challenges submitted by Powell were rejected in Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

Seven proceedings disputing the outcome of the presidential vote in Arizona have all been dismissed, including a proceeding by Ward in an attempt to overturn Biden’s victory in the state.

Last week, the woman filed yet another objection, much like Powell’s currently rejected case. The judge will hear the discussion on Monday at the request of the election authorities to dismiss the proceedings filed in Pinal County.

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US Supreme Court sought to revoke Biden’s victory in Arizona

Source link US Supreme Court sought to revoke Biden’s victory in Arizona

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