US soon sees explosive outbreak of delta mutants: epidemiologists

Healthcare professionals will assist check-in for the COVID-19 test at a test site in Washington, DC, USA on December 9, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Ting Shen / Xinhua)

The United States is set to witness an explosive outbreak of deltacovid variants within a month if people are not fully vaccinated, says epidemiologist and public health scientist Eric Fay. Gourdin warned.

“The United States has only one month to act before a full-fledged delta variant becomes dominant. One month to slow it down. It takes one month to be fully vaccinated.” Feigl-Ding states in a series of tweets.

He called on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to take urgent steps to vaccinate people in the United States.

“But if the CDC doesn’t act right away, it could take even longer,” Feigl-Ding said.

“If the CDC does not issue new guidelines for stopping the growth of #DeltaVariant, it can be transmitted through passive respiratory exposure of only 5-10 seconds,” he said.

“The delta variant is dramatically faster than any other variant known to date. It represents a clear and present danger to the world. This surge in delta variants works well in low-vaccinated areas. It won’t end, “he said.

Feigl-Ding emphasized the need for two doses of the vaccine, stating that “one dose is definitely not enough.”

Concerns about the spread of the Covid-19 delta variant in the United States have increased as President Joe Biden failed to meet his July 4 vaccine deployment target and the number of cases increased explosively in the United Kingdom. The first highly contagious delta mutant identified in India has spread to at least 92 countries.

According to the CDC, this variant currently accounts for at least 20% of Covid cases in the United States and is expected to predominate within a few weeks.

In addition to vaccination, it is essential to wear a mask.

Feigl-Ding has asked the CDC to reverse the mask rules as countries such as Australia and Israel are reimposing masks due to the threat of the Delta variant.

He quoted a Queensland health official who warned earlier last week that “5-10 seconds” was all that was needed to send a delta variant. It could be a “fleet moment” of a few seconds.

Meanwhile, WHO also states that vaccination may not be sufficient and people must continue to wear masks and maintain social distance and other behaviors appropriate to Covid.

“Both Israel and the current WHO are clamoring for masks, even if they are fully vaccinated. Israel has 60% of people who received both Pfizer vaccines, but a new delta variant. I know that the mask needs to be replaced for the outbreak of the disease. This time WHO is better than CDC and is on the right side of science, “says Feigl-Ding.

“Don’t act slowly against the delta variant. Speed ​​is important. You need to move quickly. Otherwise, when the delta reaches a critical mass, problems will occur and you will lose control,” he said. Told.

US soon sees explosive outbreak of delta mutants: epidemiologists

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