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US shoots down fourth flying ‘object’ over Great Lakes, lawmakers say

US forces shot down a high-altitude object that was flying over Lake Huron on the Michigan-Canada border on Sunday, according to members of Congress.

The incident marks the fourth time in just over a week that the United States has taken action against a similar object suspected of being a Chinese spy device.

“Today we are in communication with the Department of Defense regarding operations throughout the Great Lakes region. The MP wrote on Twitter.

“Thank you fighter pilots for their decisive action. Americans deserve far more answers than we have,” he said.

Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin confirmed the incident in her own tweet.

“The object was shot down by US Air Force and National Guard pilots. Great job by all who carried out this mission in the air and at headquarters. We are all interested in what exactly this object was and what it was for. has,” she wrote.

“As long as these things continue to cross the U.S. and Canada, we will continue to ask Congress to obtain a full briefing based on the wreckage utilization,” Slotkin added.

This object was the third one shot down in the same number of days. His two remaining, believed to be Chinese reconnaissance balloons, were shot down over Canada on Saturday and over Alaska on Friday.

Last weekend, the United States also took out a much larger balloon confirmed to be a Chinese spy device off the coast of South Carolina after crossing much of the continental United States. US shoots down fourth flying ‘object’ over Great Lakes, lawmakers say

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