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US ‘Sanctions Madness’ Is Rapidly Infecting Canada’: Iran

Tehran, October 22 – A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned Canada’s move to impose new sanctions on the Iranian media as a follow-up to the “US government’s sanctions madness”.

“The madness of the US government’s sanctions has turned into a virus and is rapidly infecting its friends,” according to Xinhua News Agency, after the Canadian government imposed new sanctions on several Iranian media and journalists. Posted a post on Instagram regretting.

In terms of Canada and its Western anti-Iranian allies, he said, imposing economic sanctions would not be enough, and that Iran should also be stripped of its “right to express its views and opinions unless it speaks like them.” said that

He denounced the sanctions against Iranian media and journalists as a violation of the fundamental rights of Iranian citizens to freedom of speech and information.

In addition to previous sanctions against Iran’s English-language news network Press TV, Canada has also sanctioned Iran’s semi-official Tasnim and Fars news agencies, Kayhan newspaper, Nour News — affiliates of the Supreme National Security Council, former and current Iranian New sanctions have been imposed on the chief. Kanaani said he is a reporter for state-run IRIB TV and the organization.


Canada on Wednesday imposed additional sanctions on six Iranians and four groups for “participating in or enabling human rights abuses against women and spreading propaganda,” according to the government arm Global Affairs Canada. did.

The new sanctions were imposed following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in a Tehran hospital days after collapsing in a police station. US ‘Sanctions Madness’ Is Rapidly Infecting Canada’: Iran

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