US dollar falls in vaccine news

New York, November 18 (Xinhua)-The US dollar fell in a late Wednesday trade as market participants looked up the latest news about COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

The dollar index against the six major peers fell 0.11% to 92.3153.

In the second half of New York trading, the euro remained close at $ 1.1864 to $ 1.1864 in the previous session and the pound sterling was up to $ 1.3280 from $ 1.3258 in the previous session. The Australian dollar rose from $ 0.7304 to $ 0.7320.

The US dollar bought 103.81 yen, which was lower than the previous 104.20 yen. The US dollar fell from CHF 0.9105 to CHF 0.9102 and from CAD 1.3084 to CAD 1.3047.

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech said Wednesday that a final analysis of clinical trial data showed that COVID-19 vaccine candidates were 95% effective, “within a few days” from US regulators. He added that he would apply for an emergency license.

US dollar falls in vaccine news

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