Unreasonable decision of our improper leader to close schools in New York City

They did it. They closed the school because they reached the pretending metric.

You can take your child to a meal indoors in a restaurant, to extracurricular activities indoors or outdoors, to a manicure, or to Joe Biden’s Victory Street Party, but learn For your local public school. The message over the months has been materialized. Schools are less important in this city.

The incompetent one-two punch of New York City leadership featuring Mayor Bill de Blasio and angry Governor Andrew Cuomo was fully exhibited yesterday as rumors swirled in the morning about whether the school would close.

Hitsoner was a few hours late for the press conference, so Governor Cuomo was willing to hold his press conference. Cuomo insulted reporters and acted like a cage, saying that schools in New York City could remain open with a positive rate of only 2.5%.

Shortly after his press conference, the news hit that New York City actually reached a 3% rate, and Principal Richard Calanza informed the school that the school would actually be closed from Thursday. At times he looked like an idiot.

Of course, the mayor and governor use different data! Perhaps all states are characterized by such dysfunction by two leaders who happen to be in the same party.

The kicker is that Cuomo and De Blasio clearly spoke before Kuomo’s press conference, but Cuomo moved forward with his own number anyway. My little kids handle their disagreements in a more mature way.

If parents in New York were wondering who runs their child’s school system, they were proud to open a school yesterday, two times late, even after implementing an absurd part-time model. It turns out that is not De Blasio. Some children are in school only one day a week.

And he’s usually not the strut-loving Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Office via Darren Maggie / AP

No, your child’s school is managed by a teachers union and they decide whether your child will be educated.

Therefore, it will not turn to a value of 3%. This doesn’t make sense because 3% of the tests are not in the population. Statistics that rely on healthy people being tested to reduce infection rates are not scientific.

This is not about safety. That’s because 98 healthy people are tested every 100 people, which is less secure than only 97 people are tested. This is a flexion of force. Mayor De Blasio lost. Governor Cuomo lost. And, above all, the children of public schools in New York City have lost.

In a letter informing the principal of the school’s closure, Carranza said that of the 120,000 teachers and students tested, only 0.19 percent were positive. When closing a school, the desire to emphasize the low positive rate of the school is squeezed.

But this is all standard for confused city and state governments. Will school resume when it returns to less than 3%? of course not. We quickly get rid of school education and take a very long time to return it. The kids are the last to receive the message.

Unreasonable decision of our improper leader to close schools in New York City

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