Undrafted Tomon Fox has Lawrence Taylor in the corner

An undrafted Giants free agent linebacker from North Carolina smiled when he read the text from Lawrence Taylor to the post.

“I know he’s hardcore and not drafted he works harder. He’s a solid player from what I’ve seen !!”

“That means a lot from him,” Tomon Fox told The Post. “He is a respected person. He respects me. It makes a lot of sense because I respect him.”

He met Greatest at the Kenan Memorial Stadium before the September 11th explosion in Tar Heels, Georgia.

“I actually met him before the match,” Fox recalls. “I was walking in the weight room,” Oh, is it LT? “And chopped it up a bit. ”

Fox recorded 9 sack last season and finished at 30. He passed LT (21) on the North Carolina Career Sack List, finishing third behind Greg Ellis (32.5) and Julius Peppers (30.5).

“He informed me that he got him for two years or whatever he said, even though I broke his record or something, he was still the king. I let me know that I was in control of him, “Fox said and laughed.

Fox, 24, is a 6’3, 255-pound linebacker and the first big vulnerable person in his football life.

“If someone didn’t see anything in you first, maybe you’re on the road and show them, that’s a little bit,” Fox said. “I feel like it’s giving people a bigger stage to show people what they can do.”

Tomon Fox performs a drill at the Giants rookie mini camp
Tomon Fox performs a drill at the Giants rookie mini camp
Bill Kostroun / New York Post

He recorded 22 bags in the last two years at Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, Georgia, and was a senior state-wide. His best 40 time was 4.64.

“My spirit is to offend the person in front of me, show that I’m a bigger man, and beat all the people,” Fox said.

He has enough passrush traits to take on this once-in-a-lifetime ordeal and chase his long-standing dreams.

“It definitely starts with my speed. It’s one. My strength, especially the long arm on the right side, and the ability to turn corners,” Fox said.

His brother Tomari is a defensive harness who enters the fourth grade at the University of North Carolina. Fox believes he pushed his father Tony.

“He made me exercise when I didn’t want to, drink a protein shake when I didn’t want to,” Fox said. It’s now. ”

Fox, who was enthusiastic about art and designed tattoos for his teammates, didn’t start playing soccer until his second year of middle school.

“When he turned 12, I got him a Gold’s Gym membership,” Tony Fox told Post. “I know football is a hurt business, so I prepared his body for contact.”

Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor
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Tony likes his son’s chances, of course he does.

“Based on my understanding, they carry out the same defenses that UNC does,” he said. “He can really get in and hit the ground.”

Tomon Fox has been trained by Pass Rush guru Nathan O’Neal and Chuck Smith, as well as former NFL linebacker Randall Godfrey.

“He has a solid track record of being an effective pass rusher from high school,” Tony Fox said.

Tomon Fox speaks to the media at the Giants rookie mini camp.
Tomon Fox speaks to the media at the Giants rookie mini camp.
Bill Kostroun / New York Post

The Giants believe that the top draft topic Kaibonti Bodow will team up with Azes Ojurari to revive the good old days of the Big Blue Pass Rush. The more it is, the more fun it is.

“The NFL’s main goal hasn’t been drafted,” Tony Fox said.

Tony was there when Tomon was credited with a half sack to pass the LT against Virginia Tech.

“LT is a big name, but he is consistent and very productive in the field,” Tony said.

Tomon Fox in North Carolina
Tomon Fox in North Carolina
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Think ironically that Tomon Fox is from Lawrenceville, Georgia. On the day of the match in Georgia, I saw a YouTube quote from LT.

“He’s an avid player and he’s crazy,” Taylor said. “He will work in the NFL. If he keeps his head right, he may be better than me.”

Taylor wore a sneaky smile when he said that. He knows and everyone knows that another LT will never exist. Tomon Fox smiled again when he read the quote. LT told him it was a joke.

“Do you know? He put it out there so that it might happen, but I have to do it,” Tomon Fox said and laughed. “It’s a long way.”

I tell him it has a high goal.

“It’s a really high goal,” said Tomon Fox. He laughed and said: “If I’m missing, it’s still good.”

Undrafted Tomon Fox has Lawrence Taylor in the corner

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