Under pressure from lawmakers, Facebook will stop working on Instagram Kids

Facebook has suspended the development of Instagram versions for children. (Photo illustration by Getty Images by Jakub Porzycki / Nur Photo)

Instagram is working on a platform for children under the age of 13 after its parent company, Facebook, has allegedly hid an investigation showing that the app could harm teenage girls. It is paused.

According to a Facebook internal survey dating back to 2019, 32% of teenage girls say Instagram exacerbated their body image problems. Details of the Wall Street Journal Survey.. Instagram is currently spending more time collaborating with parents and professionals before further developing Instagram Kids. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced: Blog post September 27th. Facebook has previously counterattacked critics and There was a problem When the journal reported the study, the paper claims that it did not acknowledge how Instagram helped teens with anxiety and depression, and the “limits” of the study.

“”Critics of “Instagram Kids” will see this as an endorsement of the project as a bad idea, “Mosseri wrote. “No. In reality, children are already online, and developing an age-appropriate experience specifically designed for them is more for parents than where we are. I believe it is much better. “

Whether it’s TikTok’s biggest star or the average teenage girl, experts and policy makers are looking at how social media affects the mental health of young people.Americans spent Increased time In their phone bedroom during pandemic and study correlation Between teen suicide rate and social media time. The growing presence of social media has raised concerns about anxiety, depression, and relationships with apps such as Instagram and TikTok. US Senator Richard Blumenthal said on September 30th, “Protect Your Child Online: Facebook, Instagram, Mental Health Harm “ To address some of the issues identified in The Journal’s report.

Connecticut teen Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie, who quickly established themselves as the 17-year-old face of Tik Tok, discussed their challenges as follows: Anxiety and depression At the new Hulu Reality Show in September. The show included footage of the Damerio sisters crying after many nasty comments from fans. From remarks about their appearance to the prediction of Charlie Damerio’s death.

In a blog post, Mosseri said in response to Instagram Kids’ criticism that YouTube and Tik Tok have launched platforms for children. Social media consultant Matt Navarra explained that the “trust gap” could be one of the reasons users are more critical of Instagram than other platforms aimed at children and teens.

“Still, Facebook doesn’t seem to be able to tell the truth, or is so flexible to the truth that they can’t choose to say or not, adding to this long-running story,” Navarra said. Stated.

“Looking at all the anxieties that Instagram caused not only for teenagers and preteens, but also for adults, this was probably an idea that should have been presented when it was first proposed,” said Freddie of the University of South California. Professor Trang said. Nager. “If teenagers and adults are suffering from this, I can’t imagine the impact on children,” he added.

A Facebook spokeswoman told observers that there is no set schedule for Instagram Kids deployment.

Under pressure from legislators, Facebook will stop working on the Instagram Kids app

Under pressure from lawmakers, Facebook will stop working on Instagram Kids

Source link Under pressure from lawmakers, Facebook will stop working on Instagram Kids

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