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Uncle of a man dismantled during a sex call suspects a “monster”

Married Wisconsin A woman accused of killing and dismantling her lover The victim’s uncle reportedly described it as a “monster” during stimulant sex.

Taylor Shabusiness, 24, is alleged to have decapitated a man in Green Bay after a crazy rampage. Then he dumped his head and penis in a bucket and his feet in a clockpot.

Victims identified By daily mail As a 24-year-old Shadrock Syrion, his uncle shared the anguish of his family with the brutal death of a young man.

“Yesterday we received some catastrophic news. Our nephew Shad Syrion was taken to what I thought was a monster,” Nathan Minnow said. It is said that he said it on Facebook.

He described Syrion as someone with a “good heart and soul,” adding, “Shad, I love you so much that I can’t even start explaining what we’re feeling.” ..

Taylor Shabusiness, a married woman in Wisconsin, has been accused of beheading her girlfriend Shad Syrion and dropping her head and penis into a bucket after having sex.
Green bay police

Schabusiness faces the crime of one deliberate murder, with three sexual assaults and three sexual assaults, amputating the corpse for a horrific crime.

Police were called to Stony Brook Lane’s house by Tara Pakanich, 47, Syrion’s mother, who reported finding her head in a bucket around 3:30 am on February 23, according to the outlet.

She said she made a shocking discovery after the door was closed, the car was driven away and she woke up.

Shad Sylion
Shad Sillion’s mother found his head in a bucket after waking up by closing the door.
Shad Thyrion / Facebook

Shabusiness was found at Eastman Avenue’s home with dry blood on his clothes, WBAY reported.

During a search for her van, police found a clockpot containing human bodies, including legs, according to criminal accusations.

At the mother’s horror house, they later found the head and “male organs”, the upper torso of the storage tote, “fluids” and knives in the bucket.

Tairasha Business
Taylor Shabusiness said she and Shad Sillion were smoking stimulants before having sex and she went black.

According to WBAY, she and the man told police that they were smoking stimulants before going to their mother’s house. I used to have sex with chains there.

Shabusiness said it went “crazy” after a power outage at some point and began to suffocate its partners. She claimed she didn’t intend to kill him and she enjoyed choking.

She said, “Police were having fun trying to find all the organs when they dismantled. According to complaints, Schabusiness should put all parts of the body in the basement.

Shad Sylion
Shad Sillion’s uncle Nathan Minnow said he had a “good heart and soul.”
Shad Thyrion / Facebook

“Schabusiness said that a bread knife is most effective because she uses a knife she got from her kitchen and has a serrated blade,” the complaint continues.

She also planned for her to take all body parts with her, but complained that she was “lazy, just put her foot / foot in the van and she forgot her head.”

The recently married Schabusiness, who became a mother, claimed that she and Thirion were smoking methamphetamine earlier in the day, the Daily Mail reported.

Tairasha Business
Taylor Shabusiness said she suffocated Shad Syrion with the chains she used to have sex.

She also said she shot herself and her sex partner with trazodone, an antidepressant and powerful sedative.

When police officers informed him that the victim’s head was in a bucket, Schabusiness reportedly said, “It’s pretty weird.”

And when asked what happened, officials replied, “That’s a good question.”

Tairasha Business
Taylor Shabusiness recently became a mother.
Warrensha Business / Facebook

The woman told investigators that Syrion brought two chains for a sex session. One of them hung on her neck before she got “crazy” and strangled her.

The murderer said he continued to suffocate him when he felt Syrion’s heart beating, claiming he wouldn’t die because he continued to “rebuild into muscle.”

Shabirth said she sat on the victim, spitting blood and “waiting for him to die.”

Mother's house
Taylor Shabusiness said he intended to bring all the dismantled limbs of Shad Sylion home, but was lazy.

“Oh, I liked it,” she said about choking Syrion, said the reported complaint.

“Schabusiness said she smoked the victim’s penis, she said she had a dildo in the victim’s mouth and then in the victim’s ***,” he added. I did.

Tairasha Business
Taylor Schabusiness Schabusiness is faced with one intentional murder, amputation of a corpse, and three sexual assault charges, and has been released on bail of $ 2 million.

Meanwhile, a reporter who broke the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee in 1991 Told WBAY “I was almost obsessed with Jeffrey Dahmer and Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes,” said a suspect in the Green Bay case.

Ann Schwartz pointed out the outlet Shabusiness’s comment that she “liked it.”

“And what makes this case different from me is what she admits-if the content of the criminal accusation is accurate-she has a preference for it and somehow thrills it. I admit it was, “she says. she said.

Schwartz also mentioned on Facebook an ominous post by Schabusiness. She wrote January 13: “I went away and told the addict,” I haven’t stopped buying you dope, so I was able to keep an eye on you dying. ” “

“The fact that she used or was using social media to telegram some of these feelings didn’t telegram anything to anyone who emulated Jeffrey Dahmer’s case. That makes her unusual, “Schwartz told WBAY.

The court secretary set a $ 2 million cash collateral at the suspect’s hearing on Tuesday. She was ordered to appear next three weeks later.

Uncle of a man dismantled during a sex call suspects a “monster”

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