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Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) —Russian troops are withdrawing from Ukraine’s second largest city after several weeks of intense bombing, Ukrainian troops on Saturday in a fierce battle between Kyiv and Moscow troops over the eastern part of the country. Said engaged in.

Ukrainian generals withdrew from the northeastern city of Kharkov and on supply routes, while Russians launched mortars, artillery and airstrikes in eastern Donetsk to “deplete Ukrainian troops and destroy fortresses.” He said he was concentrating on security.

Defense Minister Olexie Reznikov said Ukraine is “entering a new-long-term-stage of war.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was the first of the dozens of people who could be prosecuted when the country’s chief prosecutor brought Russian soldiers to war crimes. Ukrainian They are doing their “maximum” to get rid of the invaders, and the outcome of the war will depend on support from Europe. Other allies..

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“Today, no one can predict how long this war will last,” Zelensky said in his nightly video speech late Friday.

Russia’s attack on Donbus, the industrial center of eastern Ukraine, seemed to turn into front and back slogs for each village, with no major breakthroughs on either side. After failing to occupy the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, Russian troops decided to concentrate on Donbus, but the troops had a hard time building the ground.

Zelenskyy said Ukrainian troops have advanced and regained six Ukrainian towns or villages in the past day. Western officials said Ukraine had driven Russian troops around Kharkov. This was the main target of the Moscow army.

“Russians haven’t made much tactical interests lately,” said one Western official, saying he was “vibrating” at the forefront of the war.

“Ukrainians continue to launch counterattacks, especially around Kherson and Kharkov. We expect this to settle into a long frictional battle,” officials discussed intelligence on condition of anonymity.

The Ukrainian captain of the Luhansk region of Donbas said on Friday that the army had almost complete control of the city of Rubizhne, a city with a prewar population of about 55,000.

Ukraine’s independent military analyst, Oleg Zidanov, said the fighting on the Siverskyi Donets near the city of Severodonetsk was fierce and Ukraine launched a counterattack but could not stop Russia’s advance.

“The fate of most of the Ukrainian army has been determined — there are about 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers,” he said.

However, Russian troops suffered heavy losses in the Ukrainian attack that destroyed the boat bridge they were using to cross the river in Birohorifka, Ukrainian and British officials said to save the war when the war was unsuccessful. Said that it was another sign of the Moscow struggle.

Ukrainian paratroopers have released photos and videos of a damaged Russian boat bridge over the Donets River and at least 73 destroyed or damaged Russian military vehicles nearby.

The British Ministry of Defense said Russia had lost at least one battalion tactical group of “significant armor maneuvers” in the attack. The Russian battalion tactical group consists of an army of about 1,000 people. Below to advance the operation in eastern Ukraine. “

In other developments, Finland, and potentially Sweden, will join NATO. Thrown into a problem When Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country was “not a positive opinion” of this idea. He accuses Sweden and other Scandinavian countries of supporting Kurdish militants, and considers Turkey to be a terrorist.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has embarked on a war aimed at blocking NATO’s eastern advance. Ukraine’s aggression is worried that other nations may come next along the Russian side.

Zelenskyy said in his nightly video speech to the country that Ukrainians are doing everything they can to get rid of the Russians, but “everyone today can predict how long this war will last. can not”.

“Unfortunately, this doesn’t just depend on our people who are already doing their best,” he said. “This depends on our partners, European countries, the entire free world.”

The European Union’s Foreign Secretary gives Kyiv an additional € 500 million ($ 520 million) to buy heavy weapons as Ukraine demands more weapons to fend off more equipped Russians. Announced the plan.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov welcomed heavy weapons on the front lines, but said he did not see a quick end to the war.

“A very difficult week is waiting for us. How many are there? No one can say for sure,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

At the abandoned southern port of Mariupol, Ukrainian fighters trapped in a steel mill faced a continuation of Russia’s attack on the city’s last stand. Sviatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, said his army would do “as much as possible” despite the lack of ammunition, food, water and medicine.

And in Kieu, Ukrainian soldiers in white protective clothing loaded the bodies of Russian soldiers into refrigerated vehicles. The body was wrapped in a white body bag and stacked to a depth of several layers.

Colonel Volodimir Lyamujin, who oversaw the operation, said hundreds of bodies were stored on trains in the capital and several other storage trains. He said Ukraine was ready to hand over the body to Russia, but so far there was no agreement to do so.

Journalists stuffed into a small court in Kieu on Friday Trial of a captured Russian soldier Accused of killing Ukrainian citizens early in the war — the first of dozens of war crimes that the Ukrainian Supreme Prosecutor said her office was pursuing.

On February 28, four days after the invasion, Sishimarin was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting the head of a 62-year-old Ukrainian man through an open car window in a village in northeastern Sumy Oblast. There is a possibility.

Sisimarin, a member of the tank unit captured by the Ukrainian army, admitted that he had shot civilians in a video posted by the Security Service of Ukraine and said he was ordered to do so.

The trial, which will resume on Wednesday, will be carefully watched by international observers to ensure its impartiality.

Ukrainian prosecutor Iryna Venediktova said she is preparing for a war crime against 41 Russian soldiers on crimes such as bombing civilian infrastructure, killing civilians, rape and plundering.

This report was contributed by Jesikafish of Bakumut, Yuraskarmanau of Lviv, Mstyslav Chernov of Kharkov, Elena Becatros of Odesa and other AP staff around the world.

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Ukraine says Russia will withdraw from Kharkov, eastern batter | government. & Politics

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