UK reduces travel quarantine to 5 days in test

London (AP)-Just in time for vacation travelers, the UK has reduced the two-week quarantine faced by people arriving from areas not on the UK’s coronavirus safety list, if the COVID-19 test is negative. Is shortened to just 5 days.

The quarantine rule changes, announced Tuesday and effective December 15, have been long-awaited by the travel industry, one of the worst-hit sectors of the pandemic. This change will make the rules governing UK quarantine more consistent with other European countries, including Germany.

Under the new rules, passengers can reduce the 14-day quarantine period by paying a potential cost of approximately £ 100 ($ 133) for inspections from private companies after the fifth day of arrival. Results usually take up to 48 hours, but can come on the same day.

This change does not apply to people arriving from other parts of the UK. Travelers from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are required to remain in quarantine for 14 days.

“Our new testing strategy gives us more freedom to travel, meet loved ones and drive international business,” said Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps. “We also support the travel industry, which continues to rebuild from a pandemic, by providing people with the option to test on the fifth day.”

Since the trip was allowed again after the spring blockade, British tourists have faced uncertainties when leaving the country as the government has removed the country from the safety list with very short notices. UK travel advice to the two most visited countries of Spain and France has changed with a sudden notice, and many travelers will return to the UK soon to shorten their vacations and avoid forced quarantine. I was forced to do that.

Not only did many British families disrupt their vacation plans, but sudden changes in the government shook the travel industry.

Tim Alderslade, CEO of the trade group Airlines UK, said the announcement on shortening the quarantine period would provide the aviation industry and those who want a vacation with “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Mark Tanzer, CEO of Travel Industry Group Abta, said the new test scheme “makes international travel more attractive and manageable for both vacationers and business travelers.”

The government has also announced new financial support for UK airports and ground handling companies since 2021.

“This new support package for airports will help the sector take off again as it facilitates recovery from the pandemic, along with a new testing system for international arrivals,” said Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak.


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UK reduces travel quarantine to 5 days in test

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