UBS says hybrid work will continue

UBS Group AG will allow approximately two-thirds of its staff to mix telecommuting and office work as employment benefits after determining that it will not compromise productivity.

Swiss banks, large companies in several countries including the United States, will be staffed on Monday Flexible work.. This will leave other major banks such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Corporation and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which are pressured employees to return to the office to facilitate coronavirus containment and safety measures. Is shown.

UBS said in an internal announcement that staff, where roles, tasks and locations allow, will be offered the option of hybrid office and home work. Within the next few months, we will roll out the program nationwide. Banks said flexibility would be subject to other approvals, such as by line managers, “it doesn’t mean that you can work anytime, anywhere, whenever you want.”

Banks considered moving to a hybrid model in response that employees wanted to be permanently more flexible and that practice would make employers more attractive. He added that the roles that can and cannot be performed on a hybrid basis (such as branch office personnel and some regulated jobs) have already been considered.

The move is backed by Ralph Hammers, who started as CEO in November. After a pandemic last year forced many employees to plug in from home, UBS executives quickly adapted teams to interact with each other and clients over video calls and other digital channels. I said I did. The executive was among those who early predicted that a flexible way of working would be permanent.

UBS says hybrid work will continue

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