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Uber introduces teen accounts with safety features in US and Canada

SAN FRANCISCO, May 18 (Audio) — Ride-hailing platform Uber has introduced “teen accounts” with safety features in select cities in the United States and Canada to make it safer for young people to travel alone.

Teen accounts for vehicles will be available from May 22nd.

“We are introducing Teenage Accounts on Uber, which is built to give parents and caregivers of 13-17 year olds peace of mind and save valuable time,” Uber said Wednesday. said in a blog post.

A new “Teen Account” on the app allows parents and guardians to keep their teens supervised and safe with features like experienced vetted drivers, Uber-only safety features, and always-on support. helps to move to

Under “Vetted Experienced Drivers”, only experienced and highly rated drivers are eligible to complete trips with teenagers.

For “Uber-exclusive safety features,” the company designed teen accounts with built-in privacy-preserving safety features such as Verify My Ride, RideCheck, and Audio Recording, plus allowing parents to track trip progress. It also has a live trip tracking feature that you can follow. So kids know exactly where they’re going and who’s behind the wheel.

With Always-On Support, parents can contact drivers directly while traveling, contact Uber’s support team, or report issues on behalf of their teens.

The company also said that teenage accounts will soon be available on Uber Eats, allowing teens to order meals.

Uber also announced a “family profile” feature. This will allow users to link multiple accounts, pay for rides and deliveries from a centralized account, and receive real-time location and order updates. Uber introduces teen accounts with safety features in US and Canada

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