U.S. suspends shipment of J & J Covid-19 vaccine as state faces expired dose surplus

According to state and federal health officials, the US government has stopped shipping new Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines. Helps clear the backlog of unused doses before they expire..

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stopped providing single-dose injections to the state, according to state and federal health officials. Some officials believe the suspension is temporary. I will.

Health officials in Maryland, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan, Illinois, and other states have said they have not been able to order new supplies of J & J doses in recent weeks. Some people say the vaccine is well-supplied.

“This is not included in the weekly federal quota, which means you can’t order,” said Keith Reid, Deputy Director of Health, Oklahoma.

The move came about as the US Food and Drug Administration individually extended the shelf life of J & J’s vaccines from three months to four and a half months after refrigeration, the drug company said Thursday.

A spokeswoman for the Arkansas Department of Health said he was informed that there were no doses available for the order due to issues related to vaccine production.

It was not possible to determine why the federal government stopped shipping, but it happened during a period when health authorities were promoting the use of stockpiled J & J doses before they expired.

A Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment on the government’s decision to limit the provision of vaccines to the state.

More than half of the approximately 21 million J & J doses distributed in the United States were administered. This is a low percentage compared to injections from the United States.

Pfizer Co., Ltd.


Moderna Co., Ltd.

According to the CDC.

Hospital and state officials said many J & J doses will expire later this month as an unintended consequence of the US decision in April. Temporarily stop management J & J dose To assess the risk of rare blood clots..

The suspension forced states and providers to cancel appointments for large blocks that were not rescheduled and left a surplus of supply, and in some areas, Increased hesitation regarding the safety of J & J vaccines..

The J & J vaccine was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in February after it was discovered by researchers. Effective in large-scale trials to protect from symptomatological Covid-19..

Its effectiveness was slightly less than that of Pfizer and Moderna shots, but public health officials and vaccine experts said I had great expectations for Shot’s role in vaccine promotion— It’s a one-shot, with less cold chain restrictions.

J & J will store frozen doses until shipped by the government, at which point they will be refrigerated. That’s when the expiration countdown begins.

State health officials said they have not been able to order new doses of J & J since mid-May. The CDC limits orders for J & J vaccines, federal health officials said.

Maryland last ordered a Johnson & Johnson dose a few weeks ago, and the government has said that the vaccine hasn’t been available since then, Assistant Secretary of Health Brian Muroz of the Maryland Department of Health said in an interview. Federal officials said J & J’s shots would be available again, but didn’t say when.

“We’ve run out of stock in the state,” says Mr. Mroz. “There is no doubt that there is more supply than demand.”

Some doses expired at the end of June, others expired in July, and the state is working to redistribute some doses to the healthcare providers who requested them, Mroz said. I did.

States such as Wisconsin and Oklahoma are asking the federal government for guidance on what to do with expired doses.

In many deployments, states and healthcare providers were instructed by the state and federal governments to dispose of overdue unused portion. Recently, some states say they are getting inconsistent information.

In an interview, Mroz said the CDC recommended on Tuesday that the CDC should keep expiring J & J doses. However, he said the CDC changed its guidance on Wednesday and expired doses still need to be discarded.

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U.S. suspends shipment of J & J Covid-19 vaccine as state faces expired dose surplus

Source link U.S. suspends shipment of J & J Covid-19 vaccine as state faces expired dose surplus

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