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U.S. sanctions for Robert Levinson’s disappearance Iran

The U.S. government accused two Iranian intelligence officials of being behind the mysterious disappearance of 2007 and the possible death of former FBI agent Robert Levinson on Monday.

The announcement with sanctions on men will come to the decline of the Trump administration and put pressure on Iran before Joe Biden takes office in the presidential election.

“We know how senior Iranian officials sanctioned Mr Levinson’s kidnapping and detention. The administration also took deliberate actions to obfuscate liability through large-scale disinformation campaigns. Iran’s leaders lied many times, “a senior US official told reporters.

U.S. officials must work to free Iran’s Americans as part of a new nuclear deal, unlike the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, which President Trump abandoned at a press conference as toothless. He said it wouldn’t.

Officials told reporters that 72-year-old Levinson probably died in Iran’s detention, but the United States certainly doesn’t know.

Two Iranian men, Mohammad Baserri and Ahmad Kazai, allegedly work for the Ministry of Information and ordered Levinson’s detention with the involvement of senior members of theocracy.

Levinson’s nearly 14-year disappearance has long been the subject of conspiracy as his family seeks answers.

It is controversial whether Levinson worked for the CIA when he visited Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

FBI Secretary Christopher A. Wray said in a statement: “The Iranian government has promised to help bring Bob Levinson home, but that hasn’t happened. The truth is that Iranian intelligence agents, with the approval of senior Iranian officials, have given Bob. Was involved in the kidnapping and detention of. “

The Treasury says the new sanctions are “[a]All property and property interests of these persons in the United States or under the possession or control of Americans must be blocked and reported. And US citizens can’t work with men.

U.S. officials have admitted that men are likely to have no assets in the U.S., but actions by other national agencies that comply with U.S. sanctions to avoid their own responsibilities are important. He said it could be.

“Foreign transactions outside Iran have secondary sanctions, which are part of the pressure campaign,” she said.

White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany said: The United States will relentlessly pursue everything else involved while the investigation continues.

“Since the inauguration of this administration, President Trump has been held liable for Iran’s detention and use of hostages as a means of’diplomatic’, and the United States no longer accepts Iran’s excuses for what we know. I made it clear. They made it to Mr. Levinson. “

It is unknown when US authorities obtained information about the individual behind the alleged kidnapping. US officials also told reporters that they were unaware of their motives.

A source told reporters, “I come to their minds and I don’t understand why they do this. As you know, logic catches someone who spent his career in US law enforcement. Will suggest a desire to ask a question. “

Another official called on Biden’s negotiators to remember that other Americans, including dual citizens, were imprisoned in Iran.

“The agreement with Iran not to release unfairly detained Americans should never be negotiated with Iran,” he said. “Next year we need to negotiate, which must include the return of all Americans who have been unfairly detained in that country.”

U.S. sanctions for Robert Levinson’s disappearance Iran

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