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U.S. Olympic athlete Gwen Berry faces repulsion due to Star-Spangled Banner snab

“Angry” American athlete Turned back from the flag Faced with an online backlash during Sunday’s national anthem — when she doubled her star-studded snab.

Gwen Berry on Saturday turned to the crowd instead of the flag before hoisting a black shirt with the words “activist athlete.” One critic said Americans should give back.

“Let’s turn our back on her” Kathy Tavoralis said, California Republican operative.

“If you can’t respect the flag or national anthem, you shouldn’t be allowed to complete it.” Post Florida Republican candidate Vic Degramon on Twitter.

Opinion writer Josh Jordan ridiculed Berry, thinking the Olympic trial was about her.

“Yes, the U.S. Olympic Commission has carefully planned that the national anthem will be played the very moment she stands on the podium … Everyone is about Gwen Berry. Because I know that, “he says. Said Ironically.

“What’s wrong with people?” Asked former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“Growing up, everyone supported the American flag.” He added.. “Your politics, race, gender, income, religion didn’t matter. Everyone supported the flag. It was one of the civil rituals that brought us together. It should be done today. is.”

Journalist David Steinberg Proposed another athlete It will be sent instead of berries.

“Please send me the 4th place finisher,” he tweeted. “Gwen Berry has a world of choice if you don’t want to compete under our flag. Taxpayer money penny funded her campaign to make Americans hate each other Should not be. “

Third place Gwendolyn Berry (L) looks away from the US flag during the US national anthem.
Gwen Berry avoided the American flag after finishing third in the Olympic trial.
Patrick Smith / Getty Images

31-year-old Berry did not withdraw and shot the slander.

“Stop playing with me,” she said. Tweet Attached is a photo of her looking in a different direction than other athletes on Sunday afternoon.

The online answer came after claiming that the national anthem was played during her ceremony to target her because Berry was probated on Saturday. Raise her fist During the Pan American Games held in Peru in August 2019.

“I feel like it was a setup, and they did it intentionally,” Berry said about when the national anthem was played. “To be honest, I was angry.”

“They had enough opportunities to play the national anthem before we got there,” Berry said in Oregon, where the Olympic trials are taking place. “I was wondering what I should do. Eventually I stayed there, shook, and put my shirt on my head. It was really rude.

“I really didn’t want to be there. As I said, it was a setup. I was hot so I was ready to take a picture and go into the shade.”

U.S. Olympic athlete Gwen Berry faces repulsion due to Star-Spangled Banner snab

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