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Two NYPD police officers were shot dead at Springfield Gardens, Queens.Suspect’s Dead – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) – Two NYPD police officers were shot dead in Queens on Tuesday afternoon.

Happened on 179th Avenue near Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in Springfield Gardens just before 1pm

Both officers were rushed to Jamaica Hospital, which was recovering on Tuesday night.

According to police, 41-year-old City University of New York police officer Rondel Goppy fired first. He was shot and killed by a police officer.

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Police Secretary Dermot Shea says Goppy’s wife stepped into a station building in District 105 on Tuesday morning and reported a domestic violence incident on Monday night. The controversy allegedly began with a complaint of unfaithfulness.

Rondell Goppy (Photo courtesy)

At around 12:40 pm, Shea said she returned home with two domestic violence officers.

According to Shay, Goppy wasn’t at home when they arrived, but after a while they went home.

“About six minutes later, he will come to his residence and start filming. Whether he was waiting or happened to arrive at that time will be part of the investigation,” Shay said.

One of the police officers was beaten on his right thigh and his femur broke. The other officer was shot at least once and beaten with both hands.

Investigators say it’s unclear how many shots the policeman shot back at Goppy, but he died on the scene.

Goppy’s wife was not injured in the shooting.

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“Police ran, all cops came and went, cars, ambulances, everything was moving back and forth,” said neighbor Ione King.

“Many police came after hearing that a few bullets had been fired,” another neighbor said.

According to investigators, Goppy was a licensed gun owner.

Police commissioners say Goppy had no criminal history, but there were four domestic violence calls at home. Mr Shay said the fact that Goppy had a weapon on a phone call earlier would be part of the investigation.

As Andrea Grymes of CBS2 reports, there is a sad irony when looking at Goppy’s social media. In 2017, he tweeted about distributing donated toys to children affected by domestic violence.

A friend of Goppy came to the scene on Tuesday in his defense and told reporters that Goppy was active in the community, CBS2’s Ali Baumann reports.

“I knew he had something wrong since last Wednesday. He didn’t look the same,” Goppy’s friend said.

She said Goppy recently revealed fears of losing custody of her two children.

“I think he broke. He was just tired. He couldn’t take it anymore,” she said. “But that’s not the one I knew.”

The injured police officers have been at the police station for 14 and 6 years, respectively.

“Here are the officers who work as lords. They protect survivors of domestic violence. They fall into some of the most unstable and difficult situations you can imagine,” said Bill de Blasio. Said the mayor. “They do it to protect the innocent people who have been victims of abuse. And here, a woman is at risk and these cops enter to protect her, There are situations in which you soon realize that you are doing harm. Thank God as they are trying to get through.

“Today they saved the woman’s life. I want to be crystal clear. The woman is alive because those officers were there, and I say God blesses them,” De Blasio said. Added.

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For those who look down on police officers and want to say, “Well, let’s get them back, let’s take them out of all sorts of jobs,” here’s an example. It is an example of domestic conflict. This is an example of how they were shot when the police came in. What if there were no police officers? “Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Charity Association, said. “And remember, they called us to go there, and these two cops endangered themselves and went to that call professionally, so the other No one is dead. “

“Attack on one police officer is an attack on all law enforcement officers. The Nassau Police Department shares a sacred bond with NYPD members. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the injured police officers today. We hope that it will be fully restored. Police officers are endangering their safety for the safety of others, said James McDermott, president of the Nassau County Police Department.

At one point, three registered guns were removed from Goppy’s house due to the history of domestic violence, police sources said, but the court returned them.

The couple have children, but it is unknown at this time where they were at the time of shooting.

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Two NYPD police officers were shot dead at Springfield Gardens, Queens.Suspect’s Dead – CBS New York

Source link Two NYPD police officers were shot dead at Springfield Gardens, Queens.Suspect’s Dead – CBS New York

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