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Two Bronx Gang Leaders Guilty in 2018 Murder of ‘Junior’ Guzman Ferris

A Bronx jury has found two Trinitario gang leaders guilty of second-degree murder in the 2018 stabbing to death of 15-year-old Lesandro “Jr.” Guzman Feliz.

Diego Suelo, 33, of the Bronx, and Frederick Sen, 24, of Reading, Pennsylvania, were found guilty Friday after a four-week trial in the Bronx Supreme Court.

Five gang members who carried out the order are already in prison on charges of murder. Suero and Then are the sixth and seventh members to be charged, each facing 25 years in prison.

“These men were the leaders of the Trinitarios set and ordered the members to go out and be violent,” Bronx District Attorney Darsel D. Clark said. “The order claimed the life of a promising 15-year-old boy, Lesandro Jr. Guzman Feliz.”

According to trial testimony, Suelo, the leader of the Trinitario’s “Los Schles” set and his second-in-command, was ordered to commit violence against another Trinitario set called “Sunset”. I ordered a member of the

But Junior had nothing to do with gang life. He was a member of his NYPD Explorers’ Program, a group for young people interested in law enforcement careers. to death, his neighborhood honored him with a huge mural,and A summer camp is named after him.

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The five men who carried out the gruesome killing hunted down Junior, cornered him in a Belmont bodega, and tried to hide behind the clerk’s counter.

Surveillance video showed the group beat Junior and chopped him up with a knife and machete before dragging him onto the sidewalk.

From a distance, I saw the violence unfold. He then called Suelo to report that their order had been carried out.

Five accomplices then fled the scene, went to Suelo’s house, where he hid his weapons, and helped one attacker who injured his hand in the chaos.

In a message to Suelo, the Trinitario member wrote: Suelo replied, “Yes, to all of Sunset.”

Shortly after the brutal killing, Suelo was seen on video with another man convicted of murder at a barbershop, where he dyed his hair to hide his identity.

Clark said Friday’s conviction closes a chapter in June 2018’s tragedy. I hope it brings comfort to his family who have endured,” Clark said.

Two Bronx Gang Leaders Guilty in 2018 Murder of ‘Junior’ Guzman Ferris

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