Twitter releases new “fleet” feature for temporary meditation

Twitter is starting to look like Instagram.

On Tuesday, the social media giant is rolling out a new feature called Fleets. This allows the user to publish a temporary meditation, which then disappears in a short time. Similar features have long been a staple on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The “fleet” will be available to the public in the next few days, The Verge reports.

Of course, the decision was announced By tweet.. “You didn’t tweet, you wanted, but you didn’t get too close, but it didn’t seem like it,” the official Twitter account posted. “We now have a place for that — the fleet! We will deploy it to everyone from today.”

Like other major social media platforms, the fleet lives in a bubble at the top of the user’s feed.To post a tweet to your fleet, at the bottom of the post[共有]Press the button,[フリートで共有]Choose.

The attached video describes the new features. “You can write some text. Share your tweets. Record your video. Or post your video,” the clip shows. Like the story, the fleet lives 24 hours before it disappears. The poster can also see who saw their fleet. Soon, stickers and live video will be available in the fleet. According to the release From the company. Users can use DM to reply to each other’s fleets.

The fleet will soon be available to Twitter users.
The fleet will soon be available to Twitter users.twitter

The lack of originality was not lost to the company. “This format may sound familiar!” I read their post.

This feature was first tested in Brazil, India, Italy and South Korea. The company found that users enjoyed this low-voltage communication method.

“Some people say that tweets are very public and unpleasant because they feel permanent,” the statement said. “The fleet helped people feel more comfortable sharing their personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings as they disappeared from view after a day.”

They are not the only ones stealing from other social media platforms. This week, Instagram has begun redesigning its app to spotlight TikTok’s copy-and-paste rival, Reels. Some creators have already moved to apps, given incentives by Facebook itself.

Twitter releases new “fleet” feature for temporary meditation

Source link Twitter releases new “fleet” feature for temporary meditation

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