Twitter now warns users who want to appreciate “misleading” tweets.

Twitter has doubled by stopping the spread of false information after the US presidential election, adding additional hurdles to prevent misleading tweets from spreading in word of mouth.

Social network Said on Tuesday It directs the user who wants to press the “Like” button of the flagged tweet to the screen and notifies that there is an objection to the content of the tweet.

The increase in limits occurs after Twitter reports that the previous decision to add “friction” to the retweet process reduced the spread of misleading information by 29%.

This change applies to tweets labeled “May be misleading.” [Twitter’s] Elections, COVID-19, and synthetic and manipulated media rules. “

Currently, users who try to retweet a tweet labeled incorrectly by Twitter will receive a full-screen alert notifying them that it contains disputed information and a link to additional information about the topic. ..

Prior to the election, Twitter temporarily suspended features aimed at increasing engagement on the platform, such as preventing “like” and “follow” recommendations from appearing in user feeds. , Restricted the spread of virus tweets.

The new action arrived a week after CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that his company had made a “mistake” by locking Post’s Twitter account and limiting the spread of reports on Hunter Biden’s overseas transactions. To do.

Twitter at the time prevented users from sharing a link to The Post’s report before backtracking immediately after the fierce backlash.

Dorsey almost created Mare Carpa at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when he and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg criticized their company’s massive influence and anti-conservative prejudice. I did.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Dorsey said, “The mistakes we made in terms of both policy intent and enforcement measures that did not allow people to share it publicly or privately. I recognize that. “

Twitter’s share rose 0.6% on Tuesday afternoon, trading at $ 45.20.

Twitter now warns users who want to appreciate “misleading” tweets.

Source link Twitter now warns users who want to appreciate “misleading” tweets.

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