Twitter is testing a “vote” and “vote” button

Twitter said Wednesday that it is testing a Reddit-style feature that allows users to “vote” and “vote” replies.

According to Twitter, the feature, which the company described as “just a test of research,” is available to an unspecified number of users.

The company said the positive votes would be displayed as likes and the negative votes would not be published. Voting does not change the order in which replies are displayed.

“We can test this and understand the types of replies that may be relevant to the conversation, so we can work on how to display more replies,” Twitter said.

The notions of pros and cons of posts are very important to Reddit’s design. It determines what content will be prominently displayed on your site based on user votes.

In response to Twitter’s announcement, Reddit enjoyed the new features and the similarities of Reddit’s long-standing design, calling Twitter’s move “interesting.”

Twitter product leader Kayvon Beykpour hinted at this feature last year. writing In November, the positive and negative votes were “what we are looking for.”

It’s unclear if this feature will be rolled out to more users in the future, or if voting will ultimately affect the order in which tweets are displayed.

For now, the company describes this feature as an “experiment.”

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The concept of pros and cons of a post is important for Reddit’s design, which relies on user voting to determine what content is displayed on the site.
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Twitter is testing a “vote” and “vote” button

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