Twitter is testing a 2,500 character limit for posts

Washington [US], June 23 (ANI): Tired of Twitter’s character limit? There are no frets. Microblogging sites are testing new features that can exceed the 280 character limit for a single piece of content.

According to variety, Twitter has devised a new feature called “memo” that allows users to share essay-like articles as links inside and outside social media platforms.

With the new update, users can include text (up to 2,500 words) and photos, videos, and GIFs in posts that can be written, published, and shared on Twitter. Your notecard will appear on your Twitter timeline as a tweet containing a preview of the content of your long post.

Currently, the company has begun public testing of Notes for a small group of writers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ghana.

“We are currently conducting closed tests with a small group of writers to help us learn the best ways to support people who start writing on Twitter,” the company said.

Initially, Twitter posts were limited to 140 characters. It is designed to meet the official restrictions of SMS text messages on mobile phones. In 2017, we increased the tweet limit to 280 characters.

Twitteratis will be able to use the new notecard in the timeline by following the writer who posts the notecard. If the follower includes the URL of the memo in the tweet. Or someone they follow retweets or quotes your notecard. In addition, Notes has a unique URL that you can navigate to from outside the Twitter platform, regardless of whether you’re logged in to Twitter (even if you don’t have a Twitter account).

Meanwhile, Twitter is in the midst of a US $ 44 billion acquisition by Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk. (ANI)

Twitter is testing a 2,500 character limit for posts

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