Twitter is a toxic swamp and Elon Musk is its monster

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Twitter is confused.Top executive of the company Are leaving..Its stock price Unstable..Its reputation Is painful..Is forced to issue “Crisis false alarm policy.” And the employee is frustrated. “It should be impossible” 1 employee Recently, “In order for individuals to make the world a toy like this, still …”

That individual, Elon Musk, confused Twitter, but ironically, he did so after he was absorbed in the product. By using it, he came to believe in that bullish case and agreed to buy it at a premium above the market. It’s a rare scenario: a large public company at the end of its own productive design choice business. But for Twitter, that’s the reality.

For years, Twitter insiders have claimed that Wall Street underestimates its cultural value. Twitter is smaller than Snapchat and may have been less profitable in a year and two weeks than Facebook. However, there is no other service that brings together politicians, journalists, celebrities, and athletes like Twitter. For those who used it, the service often felt like the center of the world. The stock price did not reflect that.But that Had It’s worth something.

How did Twitter beat Wall Street?

Investors were skeptical and Twitter worked hard to please their terms. We promoted daily active user and advertising revenue growth, which is an important core business indicator for Wall Street. To do that, the company sought to optimize for engagement, keep people active, stay on the site, and come back.After pondering Hide Like and Retweet countsFor example, Twitter kept displaying them and the count increased in real time. After experimenting with minimal native retweets Play with our worst impulsesTwitter brought back Shrug..The service has expanded its metrics, but in the process “Angry video game” Where retweets and likes were the points. You scored by accumulating anger and trolling those you don’t like.

Mask has become the best player in the game. He gained tens of millions of followers and used the product a bit relentlessly to realize the performance of his tweets.Within the first 5 minutes of his all-in-podcast exterior For example, in his week, Musk quoted a number of likes in one of his recent tweets. Mask’s focused focus on the game revealed that he understood how influential it was. Despite Twitter’s 217 million daily users (part of the world’s population), Mask Called it Accept the central discussion of the “de facto public town square”, its bull. And soon he had to have it.

Musk began accumulating Twitter shares in January this year and offered to buy the company as a premium for $ 43 billion by April. Musk believed in the low-priced Twitter on the market and played and lost its cultural value. “I don’t care about economics at all,” he said. Said in TED.. Twitter’s value lies not only in advertising costs, but also in its ability to shape culture, and Mask has made issues such as content moderation and speech a top priority.He also suggested Meaningful reform It seemed easy to promote as a private company, such as authenticating all humans and minimizing bots.

Will Mask’s Twitter bid be resolved?

The turmoil dominated after Twitter’s board accepted Mask’s offer on April 25. Musk aimed at the company’s employees, their policies, and their integrity. The employee counterattacked. Executives sometimes left with their own agreement. The advertiser was worried and called. Investors panicked.And after the market crashed, the mask Review the transaction.. Now, Twitter’s board is urging it to move forward after the first vigilance, “Force” conditions.

Twitter may soon operate under Mask’s ownership, or the deal may still be resolved in legal turmoil. In any case, the company has finally found someone who believes in that possibility as much or more. Probably not the way it was. In a way, in Twitter’s long, winding and chaotic history, this moment is just the natural next step.

Twitter is a toxic swamp and Elon Musk is its monster

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