Twitter CEO Agrawal fires more senior executives prior to mask acquisition

Elon Musk says he intends to be the CEO of Twitter for at least some time after he owns the company. Kena Betancur / VIEW Press

Twitter’s internal turmoil intensifies as Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company approaches this week. In the latest version of a series of leadership shakeups, CEO Parag Agrawal has fired two senior executives responsible for revenue and products. The fate of Agrawal’s own work is also highlighted as future owners of Twitter are interested in running the company.

According to a series of tweets he posted, Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s four-year user product manager, was fired on May 12 during childcare leave. “Parag informed me that he wanted to lead the team in another direction, and then he asked me to leave,” Bakepool said. One of the tweets..

Another executive fired this week is Bruce Falck, who heads Twitter’s Revenue Products division (creating products for advertisers). Falk announced his departure in a tweet deleted on May 12. His Twitter career is now described as “unemployed.”

How is Twitter reorganized?

Agrawal rejected about half of Twitter Senior Leadership Team After taking over Jack Dorsey as CEO in November 2021, Agrawal reorganized Twitter’s design and engineering team and fired chief designer Dantry Davis and engineering head Michael Montano. In January he Let go Peiter Zatko, a well-known person in the cybersecurity community who joined Twitter in late 2020. These personnel changes took place before Musk bought shares in Twitter and showed interest in acquiring the company.

It’s unclear whether this week’s reshuffle is part of Agrawal’s existing agenda to run Twitter, or part of a recent decision to reorganize the company’s leadership in preparation for the acquisition of Musk.Put on hold” Several due diligence reports on Twitter user numbers are pending.

What happens to the CEO of Twitter?

Agrawal has good reason to do something to protect his own employment security.I have a mask Told his Twitter co-investor He will be the CEO of the company for at least some time when the acquisition is complete. He doesn’t say how it affects Agrawal’s position within the company.

“Sure, Parag seems to be shaping a new story before Elon Musk enters the scene,” said Ali Zordan, an associate professor of entrepreneurship at Yeshiva University. “During migration and at times of uncertainty, Employees and, very often, senior executives are let go and nailed as scapegoats.Met was done This is the case. ”

Other observers see it as a business as usual. “of course [Agrawal] I’m joking to maintain an important role on Twitter with or without Mask’s involvement. However, these changes may be more related to Agrawal’s own plans to carry out Twitter than to carry out Musk’s demands, “said Jason Schlotzer, a professor of corporate governance at Georgetown University. The professor says.

Agrawal, former Twitter Chief Technology Officer, was appointed by Dorsey when Dorsey resigned and decided to focus on his other company, Block. Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter twice, To tell He will never lead Twitter again.

It effectively makes Agrawal fight alone when the mask arrives. Musk is known to not like Agrawal very much.Mask in December 2021 shortly after Agrawal was promoted to CEO Tweet A Photoshop meme depicting him as former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The tweet was probably Agrawal’s jab for his past comments in support of censorship on Twitter.

Musk also ridicules Twitter’s Head of Legal, Policy and Trust, Vijaya Gadde, and considers her the “best defender of censorship” on the platform.Last month he TweetA meme with a picture of Gade who cast her as an icon of “Twitter Left Bias”.

Twitter has suspended most hires, except for its essential role in the business, the company said. statement On May 13, he added, “We are reducing non-labor costs to ensure responsibility and efficiency.”

Twitter CEO Speeds Up Senior Executives' Fires Prior to Acquisition of Elon Musk

Twitter CEO Agrawal fires more senior executives prior to mask acquisition

Source link Twitter CEO Agrawal fires more senior executives prior to mask acquisition

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