Trump’s legal team loses 59 out of 60 election challenges

Perhaps President Trump was finally fed up with all the victories as his legal team continued its historic defeat in a court challenge 60 to 1 on how to run the election last month.

After losing the Supreme Court on Friday, the judge rejected his request to rewrite the results in four states, which was one of the latest. The next day, a federal judge in Wisconsin discontinued efforts to challenge the state’s electoral college.

And it’s not just the loss, it’s the substance of the decision stabbed by Mr. Trump, who claimed to have polluted the votes cast by a large number of frauds, and the subsequent counting of votes.

Phrases such as “did not prove”, “do not support records”, “mysterious conclusions”, “lack of evidence” fill in opinions and orders. The judge says Mr. Trump and his team are wrong about the facts and the law.

“This court gave plaintiffs the opportunity to make his claim, and he lost the case,” said Brett Ludwig, a federal law scholar who dismantled the Trump team’s proceedings against the Wisconsin electoral college on Saturday. The official wrote.

Judge Ludwig was appointed to the bench by Mr. Trump himself. The same was true for Judge Stephen Grimberg of Georgia and Judge Stephanos Vivas of the Federal Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, each writing an opinion refusing Trump’s challenge. They joined President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, and judges appointed by Republican and Democratic governors, and rejected Mr. Trump.

Universal rejections, if expected, are spectacular, according to election experts.

“They can file all these proceedings they want, but they won’t go anywhere,” tweeted Election Lawyer Mark E. Elias, who has been dealing with Democratic campaigns for years.

Elias was the founder of Democracy Dockett, a website tracking the tsunami of post-election court struggles, and Trump and his team calculated that they won only one out of 60.

Elias states that he had a solo victory in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, judges supported the Trump campaign and refused to lead the Democratic Secretary of State, who extended the deadline for “curing” falsely submitted mail votes by three days.

As of Sunday afternoon, Elias said there was nothing “undecided in the proceedings” from the Trump team. The only case still pending is the lower court’s appeal for loss.

“This is important, because when we enter tomorrow’s Electoral College meeting, Republicans have no excuses for waiting for the judicial process,” he writes. “All proceedings have been ruled and Joe Biden has won the election.”

Trump’s legal team is not ready to admit, pursuing its ongoing appeal and vowing to submit new challenges.

Mr. Trump said in Fox News this weekend that his proceeding had been filed and couldn’t understand why the court didn’t see it.

“We proved that, but no judge, including the Supreme Court, had the courage. I’m very disappointed with them,” he said. “Judges, including the US Supreme Court, did not have the courage to allow them to hear it.”

But Trump’s supporter, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, said on Sunday that Trump’s legal team’s approach was “ridiculous,” and he categorically rejected Mr. Trump’s complaints about courage.

“The reason the Supreme Court does not adopt this is not due to lack of courage. It is the same reason that all courts rejected it. It is a lack of evidence and any kind of legal theory that makes sense. “It’s a lack of,” he said in ABC’s “This Week” program.

The Supreme Court proceedings filed by Texas and joined by Mr. Trump resulted in Biden’s support as Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin expanded their mail votes prior to elections without state legislature approval. Insisted that it should be destroyed. .. Texas said it violated the constitutional requirement that the legislature set rules for selecting presidential electors.

In a short unsigned order late Friday, the case was formerly because the judge rejected it by saying that Texas “did not show judicial recognizable interests in the way other states hold elections.” High court that did not rise to the level of jurisdiction.

Two members, Judge Samuel A. Arito Jr. and Judge Clarence Thomas, said the court should have allowed the proceedings to be filed, but agreed with Texas that the results of the four states should be reversed. I didn’t.

The apparent unanimous refusal of Mr. Trump’s request in the High Court included three members he appointed, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett M. Cabano, and Amy Coney Barrett.

The Georgia Supreme Court hit Mr. Trump another hit this weekend, declining a request for a judge to file a proceeding immediately because the lower court wasn’t moving fast enough.

To be sure, many of Trump’s losses were procedural issues.

As a result, Trump supporters complained that the judge was hiding behind the technology to avoid dealing with the substance of the president’s case that the election was stolen.

Trump supporters continue to tell voters that they believe he won the election, but mischief and cheating deny his legitimacy.

Richard L. Hasen, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, said the proceedings in this election can be traced back to the 2000 Bush v. Gore case, in order to form an army in all presidential elections. Said he was ready. The number of attorneys ready to go once the vote is complete.

“This is not normal for the electoral system and it puts a lot of stress on our democracy,” he wrote in the Election Law Blog. “The problem won’t go away until we radically reshape the way we hold American elections.”

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Trump’s legal team loses 59 out of 60 election challenges

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