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Trump says the election campaign is “not over” at “Fox and Friends”

President Trump has said his fight to challenge the outcome of the 2020 elections is “not over” but is “disappointed” by the Supreme Court for not filing a Texas objection. ..

“No, it’s not the end. We will continue to move forward, and we will continue to move forward. Mr. Trump told Fox and Friends in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

The president will be the winner of the presidential election Joe Biden if the vote count may change in some cities in the state listed in the Texas complaint filed in the Supreme Court. I said I would.

“Now look at it, not four or five states, but five cities: Milwaukee, Right, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta. Take them — Pittsburgh you can add. That is, five cities, There are four cities. Mr. Trump even has three cities in an interview recorded during a Saturday Army and Navy football match at West Point, because five aren’t needed.

“So no one can come in and say,’Congratulations on running a good race.’ They didn’t do a good race. They cheated. They cheated hundreds of thousands of ballots. They did something no one had ever seen, and we caught them, “continued the president.

However, Fox News’ Brian Kilmead said Trump’s efforts to abandon the results in Swing State, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia, were rejected by the judge.

“Sorry, we proved that. But no judge, including the Supreme Court, has the courage. I was very disappointed. Judges, including the US Supreme Court, allow me to hear it. I didn’t have the courage, “he said.

Friday’s Supreme Court rejected Texas’ challenge to Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Team Trump as the electors prepare to prove their vote on Monday. Had a serious blow to.

“Texas has shown no judicial interest in how other states hold elections,” the court said. “All other pending allegations are rejected as a dispute.”

Mr. Trump said the decision was not based on the merits of the proceedings, but on the expertise surrounding Texas’s position to file proceedings against four states.

“They are winning these things with small techniques like what is called standing. They say the US president has no position,” he said, what from those who claim election fraud. He added that he had a thousand affidavits.

“I have won more votes than any president in the history of our country in the history of our country. Not even close — 75 million. Much more than Obama, more than anyone. And they say we lost the election. We didn’t lose even if we lost 10 million votes that we couldn’t have lost. “

Trump has won over 74 million popular votes, while Biden has won over 81 million votes.

The former Vice President also won 306 electoral votes against Trump’s 232.

Trump says the election campaign is “not over” at “Fox and Friends”

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