Trump elections challenge sound vigilance among voters

Detroit (AP)-Detroit’s longtime community supporter Frank Maggie was furious when he saw two Republican campaigners vote against proof of election results in a majority of black cities.

58-year-old McGhee has been working with young people in Detroit for over 20 years to educate them about the election process. He said it was “outrageous” to see the fierce efforts to mobilize black voters threatened.

“I thought these were the ultimate executioners. If you do, I’ll place them so they can quietly rob us of ours,” he said.

President-elect Joe Biden has won by black voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Since election day, President Donald Trump and his allies have sought to expose fraudulent votes that do not exist in these or other overwhelming black population centers.

Such an apparently racist strategy that challenges elections can undermine the confidence of black voters in elections. Voting advocates say they are ready to defeat any effort to weaken the black vote. However, there remains a persistent concern that Trump’s allies could undermine democracy and deprive African Americans and other voters of their rights.

“The fraudulent voting in Detroit is rampant and has been going on for many years,” Trump said Thursday, resuming an attack on Motown voters and tweeting without evidence.

Republican efforts in Michigan emerged on Tuesday, and Wayne County’s campaign committee was initially stalled in voting to prove election results, including a vote from Detroit, the largest black majority city in the United States. It was.

Two Republican campaigners have tried to prevent regular certification. This has sparked protests from civil rights leaders who question whether the people and races present at the conference are a factor. The two Republican board members eventually canceled the vote and proved the result. They later tried to return to their original position and were rejected by state officials who said they could not revoke their certification.

Nicole Small, Vice-Chairman of the Detroit Charter Commission, believes the vote is “a blatant attempt to suppress voters,” and “I think it’s a real breath of the times we live in.” Stated.

“I don’t think Trump created racism among people, but he’s a safety net for publicly practicing racism and prejudiced beliefs, for people to act more aggressively. I think it was a means, “Small said.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has blown up the Trump campaign and other groups for filing frivolous and evidenceless election-related proceedings.

“The persistent themes here are:’Blacks are corrupt. Blacks are incompetent and blacks are unreliable,” she said in a phone call with a nonpartisan voter protection program.

Kristen Clark, chairman and secretary-general of the Attorneys’ Committee for Civil Rights under the Law, said the Republican campaign “simply deprives voters of their rights on an unprecedented scale in modern times.” Said to be part of.

Beyond Michigan, the Trump campaign called for a partial recount in Wisconsin-in Milwaukee and Dane counties, which include the majority of the state’s black population. On Thursday, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani renewed fraudulent voting and unproven allegations of fraud by appointing Philadelphia and nearby Camden, NJ (mainly black) during mail counting in Pennsylvania. Did.

Sharif Street Senator Philadelphia said the attack on Trump’s city is neither new nor surprising given his “terrible failure” around COVID-19 and the resulting economic collapse. Said.

“This is an attempt to outlaw our voters, but it only helped to outlaw himself.”

At a press conference Thursday in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said Americans “witnessed incredible irresponsibility.” Incredibly harmful messages are being sent around the world about how democracy works. “

Black voters are not the only target. True the Vote, a Trump alliance group behind the challenges in four states, has filed a proceeding alleging that it has relaxed the voter ID requirements for absentee voters in Menominee County, Wisconsin. This is essentially a Menominination Indian Reservation. Most of the group proceedings have been abandoned or withdrawn.

Another proceeding seeks to invalidate a vote in Nevada over fraud and fraud. The Trump campaign and Nevada Republicans alleged that the Nevada Native Voter Project illegally seduced Native American voters with gift cards, gas cards, raffle tickets, and T-shirts if they voted early or on election days. The proceeding was dismissed.

And in Arizona, the Trump campaign and the State Republican Party have jointly urged the court to suspend voting in Maricopa County, which includes a significant portion of Phoenix and the state’s Hispanic population. The proceedings sought the effort of sampling ballots from the county. The judge dismissed the proceedings on Thursday.

Unhottering, deputy director of the Thurgood Marshall Institute, which houses the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s voting project, proves that severance rates are “actually nothing on the agenda.”

“It’s all sorts of slopes on a windmill,” said Hottering.

Black voters and other voters were guaranteed free and fair access to voting by the groundbreaking Voting Rights Act of 1965. Prior to its passage, mainly black voters in the South simply voted. Wherever they could register, some voters faced literacy tests and poll taxes and were effectively deprived of their rights.

In some states, after a 2013 Supreme Court ruling invalidated some of the voting rights laws requiring federal approval before changing voter rules to states with a history of discrimination. Voter discrimination complaints have worsened. The state has passed strict voter ID requirements, restricting voter roster removal and early voting where minority voters are disproportionately affected.

Election officials from both parties have publicly stated that the 2020 elections went smoothly, and the International Observatory confirmed that there were no serious injustices.

A professor of law and politics at the University of California, Irvine, and an election law blog. “There is no evidence produced by the campaign to support the many scams.”


Morrison reported from New York, Stafford from Detroit, and Fernando from Carmel, Indiana. Contributed by Washington Associated Press writer Colleen Long. Morrison, Fernando, and Stafford are members of AP’s racial and ethnic team.

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Trump elections challenge sound vigilance among voters

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