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Trump condemned New York’s primary as voting confused after thousands of test ballots were miscounted

Donald Trump has accused New York City of the primary elections after thousands of test votes were miscounted and the votes were confused.

The 45th president again condemned the election process in a statement Wednesday morning.

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Trump accused New York City of primariesCredit: AFP

“Announced overnight New York City That vast irregularity and that mistakes were made Eric AdamsYou may not be able to win the race, despite the almost insurmountable lead. ” Playing cards Said referring to the Democratic Party’s top candidate for the mayor.

“The facts are that no one really knows who won based on what happened,” he continued.

“Look at the mess you are trying to see New York City, It will last forever. Once they get accurate and meaningful results, they need to close the book and start over in the old-fashioned way. “

The left-wing primary failed when the Adams campaign noticed ballots on Tuesday.

The data show that Brooklyn Autonomous Region President Eric Adams, a former police officer who will be the city’s second black mayor, lost many of his leads, surpassing former health commissioner Kathryn Garcia by less than 16,000 votes. Was there.

The Election Commission then tweeted that it was aware that there was a “contradiction” in the report on voting results for ranked options. Even if we got the data from the website, we didn’t initially explain what the discrepancy was.

Eric Adams is a Democratic front runner


Eric Adams is a Democratic front runnerCredit: Getty

Just before 10:30 pm, we issued a statement that the 135,000 ballots we had entered into our computer system for testing purposes had never been cleared.

“The board apologized for the mistake and took immediate steps to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date results were reported,” it read.

The agency then scrubbed all the results from the website and replaced them with the message “Unofficial rank selection results starting June 30th”.

The results, first announced on Tuesday and then withdrawn, were incomplete in the first place, as they did not include any of the approximately 125,000 absentee votes cast in the Democratic primary.

Adams’ campaign, which publicly pointed out the voting disagreement shortly after the false count was announced, said in a statement he was confident he would eventually win.

Andrew Yang dropped out of the race last week


Andrew Yang dropped out of the race last weekCredit: Getty

The total number of votes announced included an unexpected surge in the number of votes counted on Tuesday compared to the number of votes counted on the day of the primary.

“I didn’t count the chickens before they hatched,” Garcia said at a press conference late in the afternoon, convinced that there was a way to victory before the numbers were withdrawn.

Later, her campaign issued a statement stating, “It is very annoying for the BOE to publish a misranked selection vote and requires a much more transparent and complete explanation.”

“All ranked choices and absentee votes must be counted accurately so that all New Yorkers can trust our democracy and our government.”

Election authorities planned to conduct another round of ranked selection analysis, including absentee ballots, on July 6.

A note posted on the Election Commission’s website indicated that it would try to post accurate results on Wednesday without an absentee ballot.

New York City’s primary was suspended from animation a week ago, and authorities prepared to publish the results of New York City’s new ranked election voting system to the public.

This system allows voters to rank up to five candidates in order of priority.

Many New Yorkers voted for mayoral elections


Many New Yorkers voted for mayoral electionsCredit: AFP

Since no more than 50% of voters chose the first candidate, Tuesday’s computer aggregated ballots in a series of rounds that acted like instant voting.

In each round, the last place candidate was eliminated. The votes cast for that person were then redistributed to the surviving candidates based on who the voter put next on the ranking list. The process was repeated until only two candidates remained.

In addition to Adams and Garcia, civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley was still on the verge of victory.

When the vote ended on June 22, election officials only released results showing who the voters had given as the first option for the job.

In that number, Adams has a lead of about 75,000 votes over Wiley, and Garcia is close to third.

Wiley was critical of the Bank of England, saying Tuesday’s turmoil was “not just the failure of today’s ballot counting, but the result of generations of failures and has not been addressed.”

The New York City Election Commission, which operates independently of the city hall, has long been renowned for its mistakes and mismanagement.

Prior to the 2016 election, tens of thousands of voters were accidentally expelled from the electoral list.

The Adams campaign publicly pointed out a voting discrepancy shortly after the false count was released.


The Adams campaign publicly pointed out a voting discrepancy shortly after the false count was released.Credit: AP

In 2018, voters had to wait in line for several hours at several polling stations on equipment issues.

In 2020, we struggled to process an absentee ballot application and initially sent many voter ballots with a reply envelope with the wrong person’s name printed on it.

The Democratic primary winner will be an exorbitant favorite in the general election against Guardian Angels Republican founder Curtis Sliwa.

Either Adams or Wiley will be the second black mayor of New York City, and either Garcia or Wiley will be the first female mayor.

Adams, 60, is a moderate Democrat against the “Police Defense” movement, and under his leadership, the city finds a way to fight crime while fighting the legacy of racial injustice in police. Said that it can.

He was a State Senator before becoming Mayor of Brooklyn. Although he lacks legislative power, he deals with some constituent services and discretionary city spending.

Garcia, 51, is a city government veteran who ran as a non-idealistic crisis manager suitable for leading New York from a century-old pandemic.

Garcia ran the Department of Health from 2014 until her departure in September last year in search of a candidacy for the mayor.

De Blasio also used Garcia to carry out an emergency food ration program during the coronavirus pandemic, after previously appointing the city’s perplexed public housing system interim chair.

She was previously Chief Operating Officer of the City’s Environmental Protection Department and was responsible for the water and sewage system.

Wiley, 57, was a lawyer for Mayor Bill de Blasio and previously chaired a private committee investigating police misconduct complaints.

A former MSNBC legal analyst, she ran for the Progressive Party to cut $ 1 billion from police budgets and divert it to other city agencies.

Donald Trump seems to admit the election defeat for the first time, making fun of his return in 2024 by saying “people like me more than ever”

Trump condemned New York’s primary as voting confused after thousands of test ballots were miscounted

Source link Trump condemned New York’s primary as voting confused after thousands of test ballots were miscounted

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