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Trump campaign withdraws from important claims in Pennsylvania proceedings

The rest of the proceedings are focused on disqualification votes cast by voters who have been given the opportunity to amend mail votes that were to be disqualified due to professionalism.

In the lawsuit, before the election day, the “heavy democratic county” violated the law, identifying defective mail ballots such as the inner “secret envelope” and the outer envelope without voter signatures. I blame you for doing it. Fix it and make sure that the votes called “healing” are counted.

The Republican county “has been deprived of many rights by not providing notification and treatment processes in accordance with the law,” the proceedings said.

Cliff Levine, a lawyer representing the Democratic National Committee seeking intervention, said it was unknown how many voters were given the opportunity to revise the ballot.

But he said the separation between Biden and Trump was minimal and certainly less than the margin (nearly 70,000).

“The numbers aren’t even close to, or even close to, the margin between the two candidates,” Levine said.

In any case, there is no provision in state law that prohibits the county from helping voters correct ballots that contain technical flaws. Mr Levine said the proceedings did not include allegations that someone voted illegally.

“They should sue the county that really didn’t allow (voters) to make corrections,” Levine said. “The goal is to make sure that every vote is important.”

Democratic Secretary of State Kathy Bookbar, the chief election officer of Pennsylvania, responded in court on Sunday, asking the judge to dismiss the case. State courts have appropriate jurisdiction over this subject, and the proceedings do not include “a plausible claim of remedy for any legal theory,” state lawyers write.

Over 2.6 million mail votes have been reported to have been received by the county, with no reports of state or county election authorities or fraudulent prosecutors or other count accuracy issues.

An important theme for Trump and his supporters is that Philadelphia, a Democratic fortress that Trump lost badly, did not allow Trump campaign representatives to view mailing and absentee ballot processing and counting. Was the claim.

However, Republican lawyers have admitted in another federal court procedure that there are accredited observers who are monitoring mail votes being processed in Philadelphia. Governor Tom Wolfe’s administration said that voting observers from all parties had observers throughout the process, “otherwise any hint is a lie.”


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Trump campaign withdraws from important claims in Pennsylvania proceedings

Source link Trump campaign withdraws from important claims in Pennsylvania proceedings

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