Trump campaign loses five more elections in Pennsylvania

November 23 – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has dismissed five proceedings filed by the Trump campaign for disqualification of thousands of votes, and has been defeated again in a proceeding in which President Donald Trump disagrees with the outcome of the general election.

The court filed on Monday by the Philadelphia County Election Commission to prevent counting 8,329 absentee and mail votes due to lack of handwritten names, addresses, or voter dates. He expressed his opinion on the five integrated appeals. Of the return envelope.

Judge Christine Donohue, joined by Judges Max Baer and Debra Todd, ruled that the Election Act does not need to disqualify such votes if no fraud or fraud has been alleged.

“While forming a technical breach of election law, not including a handwritten name, address, or date in the voter declaration on the back of the outer envelope is a large civilian of thousands of voters in Pennsylvania. It does not guarantee deprivation of rights, “Donoue wrote.

The court said the opinion was based on the principle that the election law should be “freely interpreted” in the case of ambiguous words so as not to deprive the elector of voting rights.

Judges David Wect and Kevin Duherty have issued separate opinions in agreement with Donoue, but are concerned that her opinions do not emphasize the importance of the information handwritten on ballots. Was shown.

“In my opinion, there is an undeniable purpose behind requiring the elector to date and sign the declaration,” Dougherty wrote, the date of the envelope is that the elector completes the vote. Voting that is proof when you run into and prevents potential fraudulent backdates that arrive late.

“We are aware that we now have no objection to the timely arrival of all the dateless ballots in question here, but this relatively new interpretation of the image sets a precedent for future events. We also know that it will be, “said Doherty.

Mr. Wect said he disagrees with calling the failure to write information on the envelope “minor irregularities,” and in future elections, “date and signature requirements are considered mandatory in both respects, which It’s enough to omit that item. ” Without disabling voting in question “

This opinion upheld the lower court’s decision that the president had appealed.

The State Supreme Court on Monday also ruled in another but similar appeal by Republican senator candidate Nicole Ziccarelli. Nicole Ziccarelli attempted to invalidate 2,349 votes signed but not dated in Allegheny County.

In states where President-elect Joe Biden is expected to win tens of thousands of votes, all 10,678 votes are counted.

Biden was nominated for the presidential election in the days following the election, but President Donald Trump has not yet admitted defeat and continues to discredit fraudulent votes online, saying he has won the election.

“It’s a very terrible act,” Trump said. Tweet Controversy was flagged by Twitter on Monday. “We win!”

Trump, his campaign, and the Republican Party have filed numerous proceedings disputing the results in major swing states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia. Many of these states have been withdrawn or decided against their support.

Trump campaign loses five more elections in Pennsylvania

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