Trump admits defeat, but later shakes the transition by saying “will win”

US President Donald Trump will speak at a presidential debate with his challenger Joe Biden on Thursday, October 23, 2020. (Photo: Fox screengrab / IANS)

New York, November 16 – President Donald Trump of Mercurial has confused the post-election transition, regaining approval for the defeat by Democrat Joe Biden within hours and now claims that “we will win.”

Mr. Trump, who is politicizing through tweets, seems to have generously acknowledged the election for Biden early Sunday morning, and made a passive-aggressive tweet saying that he won because the election was fraudulent.

But within a few hours he made a U-turn and said, “Electoral fraud. We win!”

Mr. Trump has filed proceedings over the election, some of which have failed, but he has more plans. “He won only with the eyes of fake news media. I don’t admit anything! There’s a long way to go. This was an election fraud!”

There is no official declaration of the result and the votes are still counted. However, mainstream US media last week declared Biden the winner, based on a forecast of election results on November 3.

On Friday, the media gave Biden 306 electoral college votes, surpassing the 270 needed to win and giving Trump 232.

Media decisions are widespread among some Republicans and many international leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who congratulated Biden and his working companion Kamala Harris, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. It has been accepted.

On Friday, Biden declared “I am in the presidential election” and warned about the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden’s team has not officially approved Biden’s elections, and officials with a December 14 deadline have not declared Biden a winner, so Biden’s team has a government facility, a Covid-19 pandemic, and national security. You cannot access important information such as.

Regaining Mr. Trump’s admission of modest defeat can complicate the transition, as it must be put into practice on January 20, when Mr. Biden took office.

Former surgeon General Vivek Murty, co-chair of Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Board, told Fox News TV interviewers that it was important to talk to Trump officials about vaccine distribution. As much as possible. “

“It would be better if we could start working with them,” Anthony Fauci, a top pandemic scientist facing the Trump administration’s war with Covid-19, in an interview with CNN.

The first Incling, which Trump could recognize Biden as president-elect, described the progress of his Covid-19 vaccination program, Operation Warpspeed, at the White House on Friday.

“No one knows what will happen in the future, but over time,” he said, discussing the possibility of a coronavirus blockade.

Doubled his legal challenge to the elections he said there was widespread fraud, he said, “I make legal efforts to protect our right to free and fair elections. I’m looking forward to the mayor of Giuliani! “

After his campaign hit a series of legal retreats in Pennsylvania and Michigan, Trump sent his private attorney and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani to oversee alleged election fraud. Appointed to.

Mr. Trump continued to file fraudulent votes, adding in a tweet about Biden’s victory: “No vote watchers or observers are allowed. For Texas (I won a lot!), Fake & Silent Media and more!”

Dominion is a company that provides software for conducting elections, and Trump supporters claim to have switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden.

In Michigan, where inaccuracies in voting reports were reported, authorities said they were due to human error, not software.

Georgia officials said issues with the Dominion software delayed reporting votes, but did not affect votes.

In another tweet, Trump said: “All the mechanical’glitches’ that took place on election night were actually caught trying to steal the vote. However, they had many successes without being caught. Mail elections are a joke! “

Trump opposed the widespread use of postal voting by several states, such as California and New Jersey, distributing them to all of their voter rosters.

Thousands of his supporters marched at a rally on Saturday, calling the acronym “Million MAGA March” for Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan and “Stop the Steal” for alleged fraud.

Trump drove the rally, but didn’t stop or talk.

Unlike some recent protests by Biden supporters against police atrocities and racism, Trump supporters did not plunder the store or pollute the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

However, late in the evening, anti-Trump demonstrators clashed with Trump supporters and about 20 people were arrested.

Trump admits defeat, but later shakes the transition by saying “will win”

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