Trump administration sanctions Iran and defends maximum pressure campaign

November 18th – On the first anniversary of the bloody crackdown on Tehran’s protesters, the Trump administration defended important sanctions to protect the region and the lives of Americans from “malicious activity” in Middle Eastern countries. Leveled a number of new sanctions on Iran.

On Wednesday, the Treasury and the US State Department blacklisted groups and individuals related to government tactics to quell large-scale protests that broke out nationwide in opposition to rising gasoline prices in November 2019.

Amnesty International said Iranian troops, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, killed more than 300 people during protests in November, 220 of whom died on November 16 and 17 alone.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he had nominated Brig. IRGC General Haider Abaszade and Colonel Reza Papi said, “We were involved in a serious breach of human rights by operating the commander’s responsibilities, a gross denial of the right to life associated with the violent suppression of protests by security forces. On the other hand, November 2019. This move prevents them and their immediate family from entering the United States.

The Treasury has also sanctioned Iran’s intelligence and security minister, Mahmood Arabi, for playing a central role in committing human rights abuses against Iranian people, including during protests last winter.

“Agents are responsible for the beatings, sexual abuse, long-term interrogation, and forced confessions of prisoners, especially political prisoners,” the Ministry of Information Security said. “MOIS has adopted forms of simulated death penalty and sexual violence for cross-examination of prisoners, whose agents have arrested and detained Baha’i Faith members without prosecution.”

The Treasury has also imposed sanctions on Iran’s so-called Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and related Iranian charities, and nearly one-third of its 160 holdings.

This organization, called the Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation, is a charity that aims to help the seemingly poor and oppressed. However, the Treasury said its holdings were “confiscated from the Iranian people and used by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to enrich his office, reward his parties and persecute his enemies. I did. “

Sanctions were imposed on the Foundation, 50 of its major industry subsidiaries, and 10 of its major officials.

In a statement, the State Department described the foundation as “a major institution of government oppression and corruption,” and many of its subsidiaries were confiscated from Iran’s religious Bahai and Jewish minorities.

“The Foundation is involved in human rights abusers, those involved in the administration’s support for terrorism, and the organizations involved in the brutal killings of November last year,” Pompeo said.

Sanctions are the largest of the Trump administration’s forces to force Tehran to negotiate a new nuclear weapons deal after President Donald Trump defeated countries in the Middle East in 2018 and withdrew the United States from the Obama-era multinational agreement. Part of a pressure campaign by preventing it from winning an atomic bomb.

Since then, Tehran-Washington relations have escalated as Iran retaliates its commitment in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

In another statement on Wednesday, Pompeo appears to defend sanctions on Iran as “very effective” and insist on the continuity of President-elect’s Joe Biden administration.

“The maximum pressure campaign is working, sanctions will continue, and the United States will not hesitate to impose distressing consequences on those engaged in sanctionable activities,” he said. “Over the coming weeks and months, we will impose new sanctions on Iran, including nuclear, anti-terrorism and the use of human rights authorities, each reflecting the wide range of malicious actions that the Iranian administration continues to take. I am. “

Trump has yet to admit defeat in the general election, and Pompeo said he has a second Trump term, but a statement indicated that Iran would try to convince the next Biden administration to rejoin the nuclear deal. It was announced on the same day.

Biden also condemned Trump’s policy on Iran, saying in an editorial released by CNN in September that he would rejoin the deal “if Iran returns to strict adherence.”

Pompeo deprives Tehran of tens of billions of dollars it may have done to carry out its “malicious activity” on Wednesday, and Iran re-enters the JCPOA to lift sanctions Insisted that he wanted to. Moderate nuclear restrictions “

“The administration desperately needs an economic lifeline, so they make two claims. Sanctions are useless and ineffective, or if sanctions are effective, they are the people of Iran. It only hurt, not the administration. It was deleted. ” “The biggest fear of the administration is that sanctions remain.”

Trump administration sanctions Iran and defends maximum pressure campaign

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