Trevor Lawrence is back packed with college football slate

This is another weekend with a one-time NFL game in New York, and the team that suddenly joined the playoff hunt isn’t involved (albeit three wins). That means more time for college football.

While the Giants are in the farewell week, Jets will come back from them and get another chance to avoid 0-16. In the meantime, there’s another Saturday to scout potential prospects who may go to New York in the April draft next year. A number of college matches have been postponed again by COVID-19, but as the season ends, Saturday’s slate still has a lot of good matches and a particular notable quarterback is back.

No. 10 Wisconsin, No. 19 Northwestern, 3:30 pm, ABC

Badgers have unleashed a significant share of linebackers in recent years and appear to be another in the Jack Sanborn pipeline. Jack Samborn made nine tackles and three intercepts last year. Another notable is working on Cole van Ranen and tight end Jake Ferguson.

We’ve opted out to work on Northwestern University’s leading candidate, Rashawn Slater, but look for his name as well as internal linebacker Paddy Fisher.

Kansas State University 17th Iowa, 4:00 pm, Fox

One of the top tight ends in the draft class next year is Cyclone Junior’s Charlie Coller. 6ft 6,257 pounds has 85 catches and 13 touchdowns at 1,098 yards in his college career.

For Wildcats, Pass Rusher Wyatt Hubert will destroy the edge with 8.5 tackles and 5.5 sack in seven games this season.

23rd Auburn, Tennessee, 7 pm, ESPN

Volunteers are in a tough season, but the 6’6, 330-pound guard Trey Smith is one of the top interior linemen in the country and could help trenches.

Can the Giants return to the well for a 6’3 Seth Williams or speedy Anthony Schwartz after finding a jewel in Darius Layton, an Auburn wide receiver? The Tigers cornerback Roger McClary may also be interesting.

Bonus: Florida State University 4th Clemson, Noon, ABC

Trevor Lawrence has returned from the COVID-19 match and continues to attract the attention of Jets fans.

Trevor Lawrence is back packed with college football slate

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