Trafalgar Poll: The majority think Washington ignores people’s will

People don’t believe Washington cares about their interests. And it doesn’t make a big difference whether the “people” are Republicans, Democrats, or independents.

According to the survey release On Wednesday, more than three-fifths of all voters, including three-quarters of Republicans and a majority of Democrats, said, “The will of the people is no longer a consideration for DC leaders in making policy and legislative decisions. Not. “

The exact number is 62.4% of voters in the 2022 midterm elections, 76.4% of Republicans, 50.4% of Democrats, and 59% of “independent / other” voters, Washington ignoring the will of the masses. I believed.

In contrast, 17.6% of the total said that people’s will was a “slight consideration”, 15.5% considered it a “top priority” and 4.4% were uncertain.

“For those who want to stay in public office or be elected to public office, the message from voters is absolutely clear. For Americans, DC’s current leadership is uncontrollable and oppressive, and what people say. I overwhelmingly believe that they are doing whatever they want, whether they want it or not.

The investigation was conducted by Trafalgar Group pollsters and the National Action Treaty.

According to the site, parliamentarians said, “A treaty under Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution that imposes financial constraints on the federal government, limits its powers and jurisdiction, and is limited to proposing amendments that impose a term of office.” Is a group that seeks. Limitations on its officials and parliamentarians. “

The study also considers Americans to have declined personal liberty during the COVID-19 epidemic and does not want the government to take specific action to fight new, more contagious strains of the virus. I found that it is in. The so-called “delta” variant.

In the latter respect, the number was similar to the “national will” question. It was more than three-fifths of all voters, including the overwhelming majority of Republicans and a small majority of Democrats.

The exact number means that 63% of voters say that “diffusion of vaccines and treatments” should be a “personal decision”, so the government has taken specific steps against delta variants. He said he shouldn’t take it. That number included 83.4% of Republicans, 50.1% of Democrats, and 55.5% of others.

Of the other options for dealing with delta variants, 17.7% of respondents said masks and social distance obligations needed to be reinstated, and another 7% said states should also impose a blockade. Said. The other 12.3% did not know what the government should do.

“Americans on the left and right want to see the expansion of personal freedom and the federal government wants to move away from their lives. The strong reaction to COVID-19 Delta’s obligations is that fact. It’s clear evidence, “says Meckler.

A survey of 1,101 voters who may have been elected in 2022 was conducted June 23-26 and has a margin of error of 2.95 percentage points.

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Trafalgar Poll: The majority think Washington ignores people’s will

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