Top Flat Fee MLS Listing Services in New York

Are you looking to sell your home, but find realtor commission daunting?  Here’s an overview of how should you use the best MLS Services in New York City!

Full-time real estate agents specialize in residential and commercial real estate. They help clients (potential home sellers and buyers) in negotiating the deal. Realtors bring news on:

(1) what competitors are offering, 

(2) how to evaluate the home, 

(3) how to stage – promote – and market your home, 

(4) what legal documents are required, 

(5) inspection, 

(6) verification,

(7) non-disclosure agreements and more.

Flat Fee MLS Listings New York

Wherever you may be across the US, paying 3% – 6% realtor fees might be extremely expensive. Turning to service providers that charge a fixed amount and ease the burden of selling a home or a piece of land in New York can be a blessing in disguise. So where should you find such companies? Do they exist? 

Yes, they are the Multiple Listing Service Providers that allow you to stage your home on their website/mobile apps, for a small fixed fee. Once you do this, you’re all set and need to wait for the potential buyers.

What’s the catch here?

You get the benefit of owning the sale-purchase process. You do not need to give any commission to real estate agents. The home for sale by owners (FSBO) cost significantly less as no third parties are involved, and has a chance of selling fast. They are priced at almost 6% less on average in stark contrast to the properties backed by middle real estate agents. But here’s the thing – you will still need to pay some amount to the buyer’s agent that makes 1.66% to 3.06% of the final home-sale price.

Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Providers in New York

Realmart Realty – They offer a money-back guarantee, unlimited listing updates, downloadable forms, for sale signs, and a lockbox. They are priced at $395. Realmart Realty is good for selecting different options like lockboxes, yard sign upgrades, and professional photography. They offer a full refund, which no other MLS listing Service Company offers. But you will have to incur an extra amount of money if you wish to change any pictures once you have uploaded them on their website.

Flat Fee Group is priced between $199 and $999. They do not offer any money-back guarantee. However, they provide unlimited listing updates, downloadable forms, for-sale signs, and a lockbox. It is featured as the best fixed listing in real estate companies for sellers who want to experience marketing and leverage listing services without moving out. Listing on Flat Fee Group is completely free and infinite. To use features like signposts or lockbox, you need to incur an additional (small) fee. They boast a mandatory 2-3% buyer’s agent commission. The home seller will have to find out everything about the documents and contracts.

Flat fee Realty is priced at $179 and does not offer a money-back guarantee like the Flat fee Group. But it does offer unlimited listing updates and downloadable forms. It does not offer for sale sign or a lockbox. They are the best in-budget real estate MLS listing companies. Listing is cost-effective and easy. They tag a state seller disclosure along with the listing. The home sellers need to pay more if they wish to feature more than 25 pictures on the Flat Fee Realty MLS Platform. There is no assistance with pricing or contract. They are not the listing broker but will refer to a Montana-based broker who will help you to list your property. In case of any problem, you will have to talk to two individual companies.

Houzeo is the best MLS listing service in New York City. It is priced at $269 and does not offer a money-back guarantee. But still, it is revered by hosts. It comes with unlimited listing updates, downloadable forms, and a for-sale sign, but no lockbox. They are very popular real estate listing apps on Network. You can fill out, sign, and submit all documents in the app itself. They let you buy contract reviews, professional showings, and agent showings. However, you have to pay an additional price if you need pricing assistance. You can change the price, status, photos, and description 10 times without any additional cost.

Check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

Sell My House New York

Here’s a key takeaway, to sell a home in New York City, you typically need to pay $200 – 300 for a flat fee MLS listing. The basic available plans cost $180 and can go up to $1000. 

The next step is to sell your house in New York City. To accomplish this you need to follow the procedures listed in Real Estate Laws. Further, disclose every minute detail on:

This document is for potential buyers to review, based on which they will determine the potency of the property and any deal-breaking flaws. 

Are there any alternatives to the flat fee listing structure for real estate in New York City?

You get to experience discount real estate brokers who list the property for 1% of the total house sale. But keep in mind that you still need to pay (2.6% – 3%) to the buyer’s agents.  In that case, MLS is a better option to consider while selling a property in New York City. 

The five best alternatives to MLS in New York for your review: 

How should you decide between discount brokers and MLS Listing Service Providers?

Go for the one –  that offers the lowest rates. Compare multiple agents from major brands, and match the typical buyer’s agent commission. Take the help of agents to handle everything for you, including the pricing, high-quality photography, and paperwork. Even if you have to pay a little extra, a flat fee MLS can still save you hours of hassle and effort. All the best!

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