Tom Brady’s golf program with the Bruce Alliance closed by NFL

Tom Brady’s tee time has been cancelled — by the NFL.

Brady and Buccaneers coach Bruce Alliance had planned to play golf together at the Old Memorial Golf Club during Tampa Bay’s Buy Week on December 2, but going out of the league to the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol. The plan was abandoned because it turned out to be a violation. According to ESPN.

Brady participated in a nationally aired charity golf game, especially in May, teaming up with Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning to raise funds for the COVID-19 relief effort. Brady, 43, broke his pants during the match and quickly spread by word of mouth.

The golf plan between Brady and Arius came in the scrutiny surrounding their relationship, as Arius did not hesitate to publicly criticize Brady for his mistakes, Arius said he was honest. It’s just that. Brady claims that the pair relationship is good, and his general manager agrees.

Tom Brady Golf Blues Alliance NFL
Tom Brady’s golf program with Buccaneers coach Bruce Alliance has been closed by the NFL.
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“They’re doing really well,” BucsGM’s Jason Richt told ESPN about Brady and Alliance. “There is deep respect for each other.”

Another anonymous source told ESPN that doubts about the coexistence of Brady and Alliance were “overkill.”

ESPN reports that the Buccaneers and those around the league were “confused” by the closure of their golf plans.

Last month, Packers star Aaron Rodgers wondered what the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol was based on.

“I think there are some double standards,” Rogers said at the Pat McAfee Show. “You can attack a man after the match, but you can’t eat at the same lunch table as your teammates.

“You can get off for practice, bump into each other and get in touch with each other, but you need to put a plexiglass between you and your neighbor in the locker room. Some of them, I don’t add up. I understand that we participate in every game and try to stay healthy. “

Tom Brady’s golf program with the Bruce Alliance closed by NFL

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