Todd Bowles isn’t going to work as an NFL head coach

Todd Bowles doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry to take another shot to become the head coach of the NFL. After losing his job at Jets, he has spent the last two years as a Buccaneers defense coordinator and holds the key to this season’s turnaround.

The team may ask about his interests, but that needs to make sense to him. The job of the head coach does nothing.

“I think the situation must be right, and you go from there. If the situation isn’t right … if it doesn’t match, I won’t take it,” Bowles told CBS Sports. “For the first time, perhaps because you really want to be a head coach, do good and save the world. But after gaining experience and experiencing it, you have to be successful everywhere. I know the situation has to be right, and obviously you have to bring a lot to the table, but they also have to bring something to the table, and that’s it If it doesn’t match, it’s not just a match. “

Bowles got off to a good start at Jets and won 10 games in his first season, but couldn’t finish the year with Bills, making Gang Green a playoff spot. From there, the team collapsed, losing 34 out of 44 games and he was released four seasons later.

Todd Bowles NFL Head Coach Jobs
Todd Bowles as Head Coach of Jets in 2018.
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“Especially as the first head coach, you will learn about the structure of how you want to do things and how you want to get things done. And if everything is right, you will have another chance.” There’s more to it than running a football team on and off the field, and you have some ideas that you probably don’t know otherwise and some that you’ll tweak. I have, and you could only get it from experience. I can’t really put my finger on everything, but what I learned as a coach will make it much easier next time. “

Of course, Bowles had his problem. Watch management was a challenge. Fans did not like his emotionless press conference and bystander attitude. The roles are clearly very different, but he shows more personality as a defense coordinator for Bucs. He talks to the media once a week. Bowles claimed he hadn’t changed, he was trying not to make headlines, and the New York media accused him of “asking a negative type of question.”

“It doesn’t mean a comedy show,” he said. “But don’t provide bulletin board material on how the media is built and how the media captures and executes everything.

“And as you grow older as a coach, you really don’t care. You become yourself and try to drop chips everywhere. But that wasn’t intentional. The question is. Was not configured in. “

Bowles may emerge as a head coach candidate after a defensive job at Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers’ defense is third in DVOA, only 3.3 yards per carry, the lowest number in the league. There are 14 interceptions. That’s why he first worked at Jets and his ability to lead defense. But this time, I plan to choose more selectively.

Todd Bowles isn’t going to work as an NFL head coach

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