Today’s election 2020: fraud rejected, Biden’s Supreme Diplomat

Here’s what’s happening on Monday in the 2020 elections:

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Refusal of fraud: President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed numerous proceedings in six states in an attempt to overturn the election lost to Joe Biden. This strategy may have worked well in front of the TV camera, but it proved to be a court catastrophe in which the judge uniformly rejected allegations of fraudulent voting. The latest proceedings ended on Saturday when a federal judge in Pennsylvania stated that Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani offered only “speculative accusations” and there was no evidence of corruption rampant in the vote.

Expected Candidates: President Biden’s longtime National Security Adviser Antony Brinken is expected to be a candidate for Biden’s Secretary of State. People familiar with the Biden team’s plans told The Associated Press that Brinken was at the forefront of his choice to become America’s top diplomat. Brinken served as Deputy Secretary of State and Deputy Secretary of State during the Obama administration.

Boxing Attempt: The Trump administration has enacted new rules and regulations that want to box in Biden on many foreign policy issues. To solidify Trump’s legacy in international affairs, the White House, the State Department and other agencies have been working on new declarations in Iran, Israel, China and elsewhere. Many of these actions can be canceled by Biden with a pen stroke, but, among many other priorities, demand the time and attention of the new administration.

Black Voter Warning: Biden was able to win in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia by black voters. Many of them concentrated in cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, and gained considerable support. Since election day, Trump and his allies have sought to expose fraudulent votes that simply do not exist. This strategy can undermine black voters’ confidence in elections. Voting advocates say they are ready to defeat any effort to weaken the black vote.

QUOTABLE: “Trump’s poison was deeper in the bloodstream of voters than anyone noticed.” — Bradley Beichok is a Democratic Super PAC American Bridge advertising program targeting Trump in northern Swingstate. Was executed.


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Today’s election 2020: fraud rejected, Biden’s Supreme Diplomat

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