“Today is very sad” – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — Due to the epidemic of the coronavirus, New York City closed its indoor dining room again on Monday.

Restaurant owners who now run at Edge are afraid that their business may not survive. In addition to dismissing waiters, they also say they had to reduce the amount of time they could stay open.

At the Bus Stop Café in September, owner Georgia Danalis enthusiastically welcomed the first indoor dining customer.

She wanted the capacity limit to increase to 50% by winter. Instead, it’s heading in the opposite direction.

“I’m very, very sad today. I feel like I’m moving backwards rather than moving forward,” Danalis told CBS2’s Christina fans.

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According to state data, only 1.43% of COVID-19’s spread comes from bars and restaurants, but Governor Andrew Cuomo has closed indoor dining in the city. He cited increased infection rates and increased hospitalizations.

Danalis believes the governor is in the best interests of the people, but local leaders say they can’t expect small businesses to survive without help.

“I don’t think politicians are fair to make such a swift decision without supporting us,” she said.

Due to the closure, restaurant owners who are already underfunded have had to make further adjustments to stay alive.

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In Parma, Pierre Bree ordered a heat lamp for an outdoor dining space. He has also transformed the front of the restaurant into a store that sells cooking kits and other small trinkets.

Bree said the constant changes in limits are both financially and mentally exhausting.

“I’m so scared. We have to find a way to stay alive, it’s just about staying alive,” he said.

With this weekend’s cold and snow forecast, the restaurant wonders how many customers go out to eat outdoors, and whether it’s even worth the heating costs.

Some customers, like Kenfishman, refused to give up on the city he loves.

“I must try to hang there in these places as much as I can to give them help,” he said.

To make matters worse, the Department of Health said it could issue a snow warning on Wednesday. This means that eating outdoors is prohibited. If the snow exceeds one foot, the entire structure needs to be removed or integrated.

“Today is very sad” – CBS New York

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