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Tim Ryan, J.D. Vance Open Fire in Only Debate in Ohio Senate

In one of the nation’s most watched senatorial races, Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan will discuss abortion, illegal immigration, inflation and crime in the only face-to-face meeting ahead of the Nov. 8 election. slammed into each other. .

The two contenders for the open US Senate seat in Ohio sparred Monday night in Cleveland. Opinion polls showed the race to be statistically tied and more competitive than Republicans had originally expected.

Ryan said he was running to represent an “impoverished majority,” while Vance represented what he called a radical and dangerous faction of the Republican Party.

Vance said Ryan has killed a vital manufacturing sector in Ohio by opposing jobs in Ohio and opposing the state’s fracking industry.

“That’s one of the reasons Ohio manufacturers are moving to China,” Vance said.

Vance, 38, is President Trump’s favorite Republican and remains popular in the state after beating Ohio by eight points in both 2016 and 2020. , increase domestic energy production and restructure the country’s manufacturing sector. He also promises to increase police funding.

Ryan, 49, has represented Northeast Ohio in the US House of Representatives since 2003.

He is also working to revitalize the state’s industrial sector, and said he would support policies to lower health care costs and raise wages if elected to the Senate.

The battle between Vance and Ryan is one of several Senate election battles that will determine which party controls the House in January.

The two candidates are probably the most different on the issue of abortion.

Vance said she opposes the procedure at any point during pregnancy, while Ryan said she supports unrestricted access to abortions.

It became a major concern among some voters following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a 1973 ruling that made abortion a federal constitutional right.

Ryan said he had opposed abortion in the past, but his views changed after speaking with women who support the choice on the issue.

“I can’t ignore the level of extremism I’m hearing from JD Vance about this position,” Ryan said. “Rape and incest are no exception. If you are raped, JD Vance and others will say you have to have the child. , not even funny.”

Mr Vance said Mr Ryan was lying about his views and said it was “insulting”.

Vance said she believes women should be allowed to have abortions in some cases, including rape.

Ryan calls for legislation to legalize abortion up to 40 weeks and another bill to end federal funding for free and reduced meals in schools that would not allow transgender boys to participate in girls’ sports teams said to have approved the

“The extremist here is you, Tim,” said Vance. “Let’s at least be honest with voters about our actual views.”

During the campaign, Ryan pitched himself as an independence-minded Democrat who supported Trump’s policies on trade and military with China, and said he disagreed with his party on many issues, including border security. told voters.

He promotes a “workers first” agenda on statewide bus tours.

Vance has accused Ryan of pretending to be a moderate, but at a recent rally in Youngstown in support of Mr. left wing.

The two also quarreled over immigration in Monday’s debate.

Vance said Ryan did nothing in his 20 years in Congress to secure our borders or stop the flow of deadly illegal drugs that have killed thousands of Americans.

“You’ve been in Congress for 20 years and things are getting worse and worse,” Vance said.

Ryan accused Vance of starting a bogus nonprofit to help drug addicts, which Vance denied, and Ryan’s ad campaign spurred the opioid epidemic. said it was funded by the company.

Ryan accused Vance of being “all-in” on “election deniers” and said he helped raise funds for those who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Vance countered by pointing out that Ryan supported the Black Lives Matter mob who voted for a House bill to attack police and take money from law enforcement.

“Tim Ryan threw the police under the bus,” Vance said. “He attacked them as the new Jim Crow and systematically racist.”

Each man accused the other of presenting an inaccurate public persona.

Ryan has accused former venture capitalist Vance of being an ignorant billionaire and a fraudster who invested in companies that outsourced their work to China.

Vance said he voted unanimously for the Democratic leadership and President Biden in Congress and said he failed to stand up to them on any issue.

While polls are tightening between Vance and Ryan, voters in the state are increasingly in the red.

A Spectrum News/Siena College poll released Sept. 28 found that 41% of Ohio voters want Republicans to take control of Congress next year, compared to one-third who want Democrats. They want to take the initiative, with 22% in favor of divided rule. Tim Ryan, J.D. Vance Open Fire in Only Debate in Ohio Senate

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