TikTok Star’s repulsive “COVID taste test” is a viral sensation

He would have killed it with “Fear Factor”.

New Jersey creator Tik Tok devised a gag-worthy way to show how the coronavirus affected taste buds — filming himself eating a medley of unpleasant foods.

“I’m currently COVID positive and can’t taste anything,” explains Russell Donnelly, 30, in the challenge’s most viral video, which has over 17 million views. Donnelly asked fans to try “the nasty thing”, but there was nothing around the house, so he chose to “eat something strong or exciting.”

In the next footage edited by Storyful, a brave epic can be seen quickly and continuously consuming onion chunks, shots of lemon juice and garlic paste, etc., but without any negative effects.

Follow-up videos show Donnelly trying out Gerber’s baby food, whole lemons, anchovies and capers, mustard, apple cider vinegar, wasabi oleo, and other funky foods. His reaction to all that: “nothing”.

Donnelly tries anchovies and capers and shows symptoms of Covid.
Donnelly tries anchovies and capers and shows symptoms of Covid.Ticktaku

Needless to say, his tasteless test draws shock and awe from the entire TikTok viewer.

“You may not taste it, but you will feel it tomorrow,” people observed about “jackass” -style stunts.

“This guy happens to find a cure,” another said.

Some have tried other strong noses, such as cat food and ghost pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world.

But Donnelly didn’t inhale strange food just because of the influence of the internet. He told Storyful that he wanted to prove to his skeptical friends that COVID actually affected his taste buds. In fact, the first thing he urged him to take the test was an unexplained ageusia attack, a lack of taste function in the tongue.

He was diagnosed on November 5 and was soon quarantined at his home in Jersey City. He said he was “a little scared” at first, but “almost nervous for the people I was in close contact with and his family.”

Donnelly began filming a gastronomic experiment on November 8th and continued for a week. He told the story that he started shooting because he lost his sense of taste and smell, but now he says, “I’ve become a lifestyle and I want to continue shooting when my senses return!”

Donnelly is not the first to report that the coronavirus has weakened the senses. Hollywood icon Tom Hanks said his wife, Rita Wilson, experienced similar symptoms during a couple’s match, which is widely known for the disease.

And taste tests like Donnelly became a pandemic among college students who naturally turned their symptoms into drinking games.

TikTok Star’s repulsive “COVID taste test” is a viral sensation

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