Tiger King Zoo destroyed by graffiti, rotten flesh

Carol Baskin has a few things to do.

The zoo, formerly owned by Tiger King star Joe Exotic and now managed by his enemy Carol Baskin, was reportedly destroyed by graffiti and dumped in the trash with rotten meat and trash. Was done.

Baskin has accused exotic business partner Jeff Rowe of damages. Rowe denied cheating.

“You think of all people, she will know that she will be accused of something without evidence,” he mentions the accusation that Baskin gave her husband to her tiger. And talked to TMZ.

Photos taken from the gossip site show that graffiti is spray-painted on various buildings within the Oklahoma Zoo. This property was formerly known as the GW Exotic Animal Park and was featured in the hit Netflix series “Tiger King.”

In one photo, Baskin stands in front of the building and the phrase “Carol Baskin picks up his ass from Donald Trump” is spray-painted on the wall.

In another shot, “Carol and Don Lewis are sitting on a tree. Kill first,” was written on the wall of another building.

Baskin strongly denied that he had killed her husband, Don, and fed the tiger.

Rotten meat was found on the premises and in trucks, as well as all the trash scattered around the zoo. Neighbors complained that the smell was so bad that Baskin needed to get rid of it.

During the summer, a judge in Oklahoma granted custody of Baskin at the zoo after Exotic was ordered to pay her $ 1 million for trademark infringement.

Exotic is currently sentenced to 22 years in prison for animal cruelty and murder-a hiring plan to kill Baskin.

Tiger King Zoo destroyed by graffiti, rotten flesh

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