“Throw 12 shit balls!”

Bears receiver Allen Robinson’s agent turned off on Twitter during a Viking match on Monday night, complaining about the lack of targets the client was receiving.

“Throw 12 shit balls in the red zone! Only once! My goodness ..” Agent Brandon Parker tweeted..

Parker began tweeting in the first quarter of Bears’ 19-13 losses. This is the first game in which Matt Nagy has relinquished his playcall obligations to attack coordinator Bill Razor. Robinson made six catches at 43 yards with nine losing targets, dropping Chicago to 5-5.

“Should he have a 99% chance of being read first in the Red Zone?” Parker continued.. “Only the league teams that don’t throw it into the Red Zone WR1. The same guy who is leading the league in a contested catch .. What’s really happening?”

Robinson will become a free agent later this season, completing a three-year, $ 42 million deal with Bears. His future with the organization appears to be floating in the air after rumors in September that Robinson requested a deal.

Allen Robinson
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The Bears did not record an aggressive touchdown in the late kick return of Cordarel Patterson, which describes the team’s only TD.

Parker tweeted a few more Monday nights, saying Nick Foles thought it was a “good quarterback,” but the lack of a Red Zone target was “annoying.” He also said Bears fans were “better than this,” but later stated that he didn’t think all responsibility lies with Falls.

“There is no lack of prayer production up to @NickFoles in Nick. There is no successful qb behind that OL. That’s a shame ..,” He wrote..

Falls was added to the cart from the field after suffering a lower back injury in the second half of the fourth quarter.

“Throw 12 shit balls!”

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