This Week’s New: Saved by the Bell, Miley Cyrus & McCarthy

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-Eurtoid evergreen Christmas movies are subtly changing. The Happiest Season, which premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, has many of the comfort criteria of this genre, including homecoming trips, family discord, and secretly planned engagement, but it’s a fresh holiday comedy. Open to the cast of characters and move further away attractive for it. The writer and director Clea DuVall’s film was originally planned for Sony Pictures theatrical release, but Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis starred as Harper and Abbey and traveled to Harper’s Wappy family on vacation. I will. Shortly before they arrive, Harper confesses that she hasn’t gone out to her family. Cheerful support casts include Aubrey Plaza, Mary Steenburgen and Daniel Levy.

-“Super Intelligence” is also a studio movie rooted in streaming services by a pandemic. Melissa McCarthy’s comedy, the latest film with director Ben Falcone (“Tammy”, “Boss”), headed to the theater, but instead made her debut on Thursday at HBO Max. In it, James Corden’s voiced artificial intelligence supercomputer entrusts McCarthy’s unemployed character to save the world.

-Ironically, this week’s top Netflix release is showing in theaters. After spending two weeks in some cinemas, Ron Howard’s “Hillbilly Elegy” will begin streaming on Tuesday. The 2016 best-selling adaptation of JD Vance’s buzz hasn’t hit critics (including this), but it’s also a kind of regular feature of the season: a handful of award-winning bait big’ols. A large-scale performance by a helping elite actor (Glen Close, Amy Adams).

-AP movie screenwriter Jake Coil


-Miley Cyrus is ready to rock the “n” roll on her new album. Pop stars have hired several well-known rock stars to support her seventh studio release, “Plastic Hearts,” including Stevie Nicks, Billy Idol, and Joan Jett. And Mick Rock, the iconic rock’n’roll photographer who shot everyone from David Bowie to Debbie Harry, shot the cover art for “Plastic Hearts.” But pop fans don’t have to worry too much about Miley’s rock sound. The album, which will be released on Friday, also includes a collaboration with hit maker Dua Lipa, including producers such as Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars) and Louis Bell (Post Malone).

-Speaking of Dua Lipa, Brit has had a big year in music thanks to the success of his sophomore album “Future Nostalgia” and the blockbuster single “Don’t Start Now”. She celebrates her big year on Friday at “Studio 2054”. This is a multidimensional live experience where Lipa promises fans “a night of music, mayhem, performance, drama, dance and more”. The singer said there was a “surprise superstar guest” at the event, and a standard ticket costs $ 11.99.

-Grammy Award-winning Chicago-based rocker The Smashing Pumpkins will release a double album on Friday. “CYR” features 20 songs produced by founding member and frontman Billy Corgan. The band’s 11th album also features founding members James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin, and guitarist Jeff Schroeder. “CYR” is the 2018 “SHINY ANDOH SO BRIGHT, VOL. 1 / LP: No past. No future. NO SUN” – Corgan, Iha, Chamberlin’s first collaboration album in 18 years.

-AP Music Editor Mesfin Fekadu

TV set

-If you like “Bones” and “CSI” and need more French accents, the best bet is the great NOVA special “Saving Notre Dame”. The one-hour PBS documentary aired on Wednesday shows the incredible length that architects, engineers and artisans went to restore the iconic Parisian cathedral that was hit by the 2019 fire. I am. I have a detective job-where did the original limestone come from? -And like a stained glass expert who uses cotton swabs to get rid of toxic lead, a painstaking effort to regain the glory of the building. Everyone wears a complete hazard prevention device when navigating the “Giant Card House”.

-Can I get “Save by the Bell” without screech? Peacock wants fans to be unaware of the character’s absence as the sequel to the popular television series brings back members of the original cast (Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen, Mark Paul Gosseller). But Dustin Diamond, who acted quirky, isn’t. In this sequel, which begins Wednesday, Gosseller is the Governor of California with a son at Bayside High, Berkeley is a coaching counselor, Lopez is again an AC Slater, and is now a gym teacher.

-It always happens: you wake up next to a corpse at a hotel in Bangkok. For HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant” adaptation, comedy and darkness work at the same time. Kaley Cuoco of the “Big Bang Theory” plays a stewardess with drinking problems, whose Rooney tries to hide her death and puts her on the FBI’s cross. The first three episodes of the limited series will premiere on Thursday, and if you send an email to HBO Max, the first episode will be free.

-AP Entertainment Writer Mark Kennedy


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This Week’s New: Saved by the Bell, Miley Cyrus & McCarthy

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