This victory was an undervalued part of Eli Manning’s Giants heritage.

Eli Manning He retired from the Canyon of Heroes in more parades than he won in the playoffs at the Meadowlands.

Manning’s one-time playoff game win at home is one of the real strange things about his 16-year career at the Giants. And winning the Falcons 24-2 in the NFC Wild Card Game on January 8, 2012, he won both the later playoff rounds and his Super Bowl.

The same quarterback Falcons and Matt Ryan, who lost to Manning that day, will return to town on Sunday as Giants-worthy opponents on the day Manning’s No. 10 retires and becomes the ring of honor of the franchise.

“I think it’s weird,” Manning admitted to a win in the home playoffs. “I remember it very well. It’s soaked in my heart, only the feelings of the crowd, the fans and everyone there. Obviously, I wanted to win more at home during the playoffs. But the victory on the street was still quite special for teammates and the fans who traveled there for them. “

Eli Manning is waving to home fans after the Giants defeated the Falcons in the 24-2 playoffs in 2012.

Manning completed the 23-of-32 pass with 277 yards and three touchdowns, without interception to defeat the Falcons. This was after losing in the 2005 season Panthers and the 2008 season Eagles home playoffs. This is the only time the Mannings Giants have received a first round buy in the playoffs.

The wildcard victory over Atlanta didn’t start well. Manning was asked to intentionally touch down in the end zone, giving the Falcons a 2-0 lead. But when Manning dropped a beautiful 27-yard touchdown pass on Mario Manningham’s arm, it was a huge success. Meanwhile, Manning threw two touchdowns at Hakim Knicks. Among them was a 72-yard catch-and-run that appeared to have been shot from a cannon when Knicks split the secondary.

“What he did in the 2007 playoffs, when he was so clutched, you knew he would join the game that he wouldn’t be in a hurry,” Ryan wrote in a post. Told. “He’s one of the players who can play better the bigger the stage and the bigger the situation. He certainly did it for us and throughout the playoffs.”

Manning jump-started the Giants’ victory in the most unusual way. Converted one-third to down with a 14-yard scramble. Brandon Jacobs then broke the 34-yard run, Manning threw his first touchdown pass to Knicks from a distance of 4 yards, and the Giants gave Knicks a 7-2 lead in halftime. Right guard Chris Snee still remembers the energy of the stadium and the progress of the run game after “hearing how bad we were all year round.”

Drafted in the same 2004 class as Manning and continues to be his best friend, Sny said: “To play and make a dominant effort … It was very big to get the first home playoff win and at the same time stimulate the playoffs to run. It will be us next week. I gave that confidence. “

Manning’s brother Peyton won 10 home playoffs, with other contemporary Drew Brees (7), Ben Roethlisberger (6), Aaron Rodgers (6) and Philip Rivers (2) all better than in the postseason. Has won many home wins. However, the Giants and Manning have established their identity as road warriors.

“I don’t know why we always seemed to try to make it harder than we needed, but it was a kind of our style,” Manning said. “I loved winning the two-minute drive at the end of the match. I think it was a lot of fun to make a football drama, and I think that’s what the fans wanted.”

The Falcons (10-6) had a good record for the regular season, while the Giants (9-7) were home to the winners of the NFC East. After defeating the Falcons, they defeated the Patriots again in the Super Bowl XLVI after winning the 49ers with the Packers.

“Their defenses were very good and one of the turning points was that there were a couple of third, first, fourth and first shut down by performing a quarterback sneak.” Ryan said. “It’s in a high red zone situation where we were able to score points and it could have been a very different game. But leaving that game, the team tough in the rest of the playoffs I remember thinking it would be. “

Yes it was.

This victory was an undervalued part of Eli Manning’s Giants heritage.

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