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Things to do in New York City in May 2023: Westminster Dog Show, Japan Day Parade, Fleet Week

I know they say, “It’ll be May.” Please check the calendar. Do you have any fun plans for next month?

When it comes to New York City, the number of options can be overwhelming. Of course, you can also go see a Broadway show. Or you can buy tickets to a Mets or Yankees game.

But if you’re looking for something new to do this spring, we’ve rounded up some of the many events taking place in the city next month.

May 2023 New York Events

The People’s Ball

when: May 1st

where: Brooklyn Public Library

In light of the elite galas that take place throughout the city throughout the spring and summer. The Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is hosting a free, comprehensive event honoring the city’s urban runway. This year’s ball will be hosted by Delyssa Reynolds. Pre-registration for BPL’s annual event is now closed. The People’s Ball, you can also dress up and join the standby line. Doors open at 7pm.

Westminster Dog Show

where: Arthur Ashe Stadium

when: May 6th to May 9th

The Westminster Kennel Club is the oldest organization in the country dedicated to canine show this year Arthur Ashe StadiumEvents include obedience, agility and dock diving competitions. Tickets for the event are limited.

Japan Day Parade & Street Festival

when: May 13th

where: Central Park West

Japan Day Parade and street festival It’s a free event. Street fairs run from 10am to 5pm. After the opening ceremony at 12:30 PM in the Grandstand Arena, the parade will begin at 1 PM.

Other art fairs

when: May 18-21

where: Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Other Art Fair is a global initiative and will be held in our region this May. The Other Art Fair Brooklyn will not only feature a comprehensive and immersive art experience, but also a live DJ set, bar and food his are discounted Purchase by May 17th.

NYC X Design Festival

when: May 18-25

where: many places

NYC X Design Festival annual celebration Innovation and creativity that attracts thousands of visitors. The event spans his week and covers everything from building architecture to paper fashion. Admission to many of the exhibits is free.

9th Avenue International Food Festival

when: May 20-21

where: Between 42nd and 57th Streets along 9th Avenue.

of Ninth Avenue Food Festival It’s one of New York’s oldest and largest ongoing food festivals. They highlight all vendors from Brazilian to Taiwanese. The event will be held rain or shine.

fleet week

when: May 24-30

where: many places

Fleet Week was mostly held in New York City. every year since 1984It’s a celebration of the Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Navy. A tour of the ship and an onboard parade will be held. About 2,400 uniformed officials will attend the event this year.

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition

when: May 27-29

where: Despite its name Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition Not in Washington Square Park. A sidewalk show that showcases art from around the world. The event is held twice a year, Memorial Day weekend and the weekend after, and Labor Day weekend and the weekend after.


when: May 29-30

where: 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 57th Streets on the Hudson River

every year, “Manhattanhenge Effect” occurs and the sun appears between the city grids. Half of the Sun is visible on May 29th, and the full Sun is visible on May 30th.

seasonal highlights tour

where: Brooklyn Botanical Garden

when: Tuesday to Sunday in May

Garden tours are free and general admission is free. Brooklyn Botanical GardenSee cherry blossoms in the first week of May. Guided tours (weather permitting) take you through the gardens to see the plants in full bloom.

Queens Night Market

when: Saturday in May

where: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens

Queen’s Night Market is in its eighth season this year. A family-friendly outdoor night market. 100+ vendorsFood vendors are restricted to selling at caps of $5 or $6. The market celebrates the cultural diversity of Queens. Things to do in New York City in May 2023: Westminster Dog Show, Japan Day Parade, Fleet Week

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